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Tweeky 07 September 2018 09:39


Originally Posted by haynor666 (Post 1267358)
That's an electronic book not a game that why probably it was never added to HOL. Unlike some utilities like Shoot'em-UP Construction Kit those titles in my opinion should not be added to HOL.

you can decide where to go to and what items you use, so imho more game as a book

if you meant the robot readers, it was the only missing, other titiles are long added

haynor666 07 September 2018 09:49

There are some book utilities already in HOL but not too much. Probably bacause nobody is interested in searching for such soft and adding to HOL.

Tweeky 16 October 2018 22:28

Castles The Northern Campain - Box, Disk, manual, misc
Indian Mission - has a german Version, Box
Kids' Academy Paint Pot 2 - Box, Disk, manual
Kids Type - Box, Disk, manual

Paint Pot 2 zoned,
some years ago i made an dbs for ADI junior helps with Counting 4-5, HOL has it still as MIA, ADFs zoned too

Tweeky 09 June 2019 21:23

new Scans on ftp:

DeathBringer (Spotlight) - Box
Enchanter - Box, Disk, manual
Huckleberry Hound - manual
Megaroids - Box, Disk, german manual
Personal Nightmare - Disks, german manual, misc
The Dark Queen of Krynn - german Box, Disks
Yuppi's Revenge - Box, Disk

mai 09 June 2019 21:36


Originally Posted by Tweeky (Post 1326342)
The Dark Queen of Krynn - german Box, Disks

There was a requests some time ago:
Do you own now a german version of above mentioned game, if so, can you please create ADF!?

Tweeky 09 June 2019 22:12

1 Attachment(s)
i know about the request,
maybe i should have been more clear, the Box is german but with english Disk version

well it has an sticker on it there is a small chance that an german version exists, but then its very very rare
i got it without manual or anything to know more about the exchange

Tweeky 10 June 2019 21:27


D.R.A.G.O.N. Force - Box, Disk
Gazza II - german Box, Disk
Great Napoleonic Battles - Box, Disk
Fun School Specials Merlin's Maths - Box, Disk
Yuppie's Revenge - german manual

Tweeky 22 June 2019 22:32

Fugger - Box, Disk, color codes
Future Tank - Softgold Box, Disk, manual

Tweeky 28 September 2019 23:53

new upload:

Eagles Nest - Box, disk, german manual, poster, map
Peter Pan - Box, disk, french manual, misc
Sumera - Box, disk, manual

CodyJarrett 29 September 2019 22:50

Thanks Tweeky, these scans have been uploaded.

Tweeky 01 October 2019 18:42

Thanks Cody!

do you still work on the older things or do i need to reup something?

if i check still missing things are:
scans for Simulsports 1 from #99
the different The Three Bears see #115
scans for Simulman 8,9,10 and 11 from #93

new on ftp:
Awesome Arcade Action Pack Volume 1 - Box, disks
Hanse - Box, Disk

Tweeky 29 March 2020 18:51

new Scans:

ASM Fantasy Hit Collection (german version of http://hol.abime.net/2388) - Box, disks
Battlehawks 1942 (Kixx XL Version) - Box, disks
Börsenfieber - Box, disk
Wallstreet - disk
Deadline - Box, disk
Detector (Top Shots) - Box, disks, manual
F-19 Stealth Fighter (Kixx XL Version) - Box
Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk 9 - disk
Krymini - disk
Operation Com-Bat (spanish Box) - Box, disk
Sargon III (european release)- Box, disk
The Grail - Box, disk, manual

CodyJarrett 31 March 2020 17:30

Thanks Tweeky, these scans have been uploaded.

Tweeky 01 April 2020 14:24

Thanks Cody!

more to do:

Napoleonics - disk
Ritter - Box, disk, manual
Spell Book 4 to 9 - Box, disk
Sports Spectacular - disks
Wind in the Willows - Box, disk

CodyJarrett 08 April 2020 10:18

Thanks, these have been uploaded.

Tweeky 31 May 2020 08:56


10 out of 10 German - Box, disk
10 out of 10 Maths Algebra - Box
Air Bucks (german Version) - Box, disks
Falcon The Classic Collection (not on HOL) Compilation with Falcon, Mission Disk 1 and 2 - Box, disks
Legends of Valour (german Version) - Box, disks
Lords of the Realm (german Version)- Box, disks
Phantasie Bonus Edition (not on HOL) Compilation with Phantasie, Phantasie III and Questron II - Box, disks
Shogun - Box, disk

Tweeky 06 June 2020 22:08

and more:

10 out of 10 Dinosaurs - Box, disks
10 out of 10 Maths Algebra - disk, manual, misc
10 out of 10 Maths Statistics (not on HOL) - Box, disks, manuals, misc
Diabolik 5-8 - disks
Leonardo - manual
Mixed-Up Mother Goose - Box, disk
Snoopy - manual

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