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Interceptor 07 October 2004 00:06

why do my WHDLoad icons look odd?
when i install a game with WHDload and choose the normal icon the colours are kinda odd, looking somewhat like the palette is screwed.

is this normal? they look kinda crap.

workbench is in 256 colours, and it's OS3.0 or something. (it's a beefed up A1200)

could someone just breif me on what's going on? thanks!

Codetapper 07 October 2004 00:59

Please provide some useful information like the name of the game(s) you are installing. All my installs have at least a romicon (16 colours) and a newicon and OS3.5 colour icon and often an OS3.5 boxicon. Try one of my installs and see what it looks like on your Workbench.

Interceptor 07 October 2004 10:30

okay sure, 2 installs;

first is stardust, the icon looks mostly red and black with bits of yellow and green as if it wants to use a specified palette, but the workbench ones (grey, cyan, black, white, red, yellow, green and blue) make it look wrong.

the next is overlander, which was one of yours, which again, looks to have the same 'problem'. (the icons arent garbled or anything) are they only supposed to be used with the 4 color workbench? or is there a 'whdload recommended palette' or something? or perhaps thats just how they are?

as for my workbench, it's just a standard install done with the normal disks, so if i need any little enhancements, it's pretty much a given that they arent installed.

i remember i used to make icons by dithering a picture into the workbench palette using adpro, they looked nice on a TV, but shite on a monitor ;)


Codetapper 07 October 2004 22:01

As I said in the previous message I include a romicon, newicon and OS3.5 colour icon. You are confusing romicons with normal icons. RomIcons use a specific 16 colour palette and must be installed with the utility on aminet, otherwise the colours will look wrong. Search romicon on Aminet then try again.

Interceptor 07 October 2004 22:59

okay that's great. i was indeed confusing the 2.

but a search for romicon(s) on aminet just returns packs of romicons, and nothing that appears to be a utility.

if anyone could just point me to the said utility, i'd really appreciate it :)

MSC 08 October 2004 00:46

If i remember rightly, the "utility" is in the icon archive. :great

Interceptor 08 October 2004 11:06

nope, just icons :(

Codetapper 08 October 2004 13:03

User error...
I found it in about 2 seconds at ftp://de.aminet.net/pub/aminet/pix/icon/RomIcons9.lha

Interceptor 08 October 2004 13:54

well, i had opened romicons.lha (which just has .info files and no programs) and guessed the rest of them were incremental collections of MagicWB icons.

i appreciate your distain, but seriously, in my own defence, it's in no way apparent what the hell you actually have to download unless you already know (which would mean one wouldnt need to ask).

dont get me wrong tho, i also appreciate the help! ...it's still not apparent, but since i now know that's the archive i need, i'll work it all out when i get back home.


Interceptor 09 October 2004 00:26

okay, i the answer i was looking for was:

"you need the MagicWB-Demon program, which comes in the MagicWB distribution"

(i've posted this for anyone else in the future with the same enquiry - no sarcastic posts please)

Frog 09 October 2004 12:17

If you're using Scalos you can also set the appropriate colors and locked them.

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