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drojman 09 September 2017 15:20

Amiga running slowly for games?
Hi all,

Bit of a noob when it comes to Amiga hardware. I've had one for years, but I'm a bit lost when it comes to what's what.

Anyway, I've had a 1500 since it came out, and it's still chugging along (been recapped and had a new floppy drive).

I know it's not the fastest Amiga released, but when I boot up Monkey Island 1 I'm getting some pretty drastic slow down. The Scumm Bar is pretty bad, especially when walking across it, it's slowing down to a literal crawl, I'm talking 3/4fps. I'm guessing the Scumm Bar is pretty demanding because of all the animation and so on.

Anyway, I thought that could well be normal, but I'm also getting slow down playing Prince of Persia. The sound slows down in places, where I activate the winch gates, and it just doesn't feel smooth at all.

Is this normal? If you need more info, I'll do my best to find it!


demolition 09 September 2017 21:17

Is this with the original games running from floppy or a HD-installed version?
With the original floppy version, you should not get those kinds of slow downs.

drojman 09 September 2017 23:52

It's from both, MI from floppy or hdd is bad. And from the hdd is the official install rather than hdload.

demolition 10 September 2017 07:20

Sounds like something is wrong then, but I'm not sure what could cause this..

daxb 10 September 2017 14:51

If I remember right MI (A500 from floppy and A1200 040 WHD version) is slow sometimes.

demolition 10 September 2017 17:47

Yes, the framerate can go up and down a bit but 3-4 FPS sounds excessive. Although thinking about it, perhaps you could get 3-4 FPS scrolling of the screen when you walk to the back room in the SCUMM bar.

I do not remember sound slowdowns in PoP, but then I haven't played it that much. I know it is not completely smooth and seeing slowdowns when the floor slabs fall down is normal.

drojman 10 September 2017 19:35

Seems like I was just oblivious when I was younger and this is how it should be.

I extracted my Kick.rom to my PC and used WinUAE to emulate MI1. It's exactly the same.

I'm actually relieved really, the slowdown is one thing, I was worried there might be something wrong, but seems like it's meant to be this way.

EDIT, fiddling with the CPU settings, seems like the CPU in the 1500 is too slow to maintain the higher FPS.

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