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mark_k 11 August 2017 19:05

QwikFileSystem by Consultron(?)
I was looking at the ConfigDisk program which comes with CrossDOS. There's a reference to L:QwikFileSystem and one of the command-line options is QwikDOS.

Did Consultron produce a product called QwikDOS or QwikFileSystem? Does anyone have it, or know whether it was mentioned in any old magazine adverts?

gulliver 12 August 2017 01:36

From what I understand from its sourcecode. Both QwikFileSystem (QFS) and Ambassador (AMB) were two different filesystems (conditional includes files). Unfortunately they dont seem to be there, so all you can build is CrossDOS (MFS). It seems those filesystems share the same source base as CrossDOS. A simple way to reuse existing code.

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