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Mick_AKA 01 March 2008 16:13


Originally Posted by Amiga-Digital (Post 397940)
hi all

here are some pictures of myn amiga's i have alot of it

That, is fucking obscene!

I demand you hand them all over to me this minuet! ;)

Oli_HD 06 March 2008 01:01

My Collection
Heres a picture of my collection, not a patch on Amiga-Digital's but Im happy enough with it. ;)

I have a spare A1000 and two A1200 motherboards not shown as well as a dead A2000 board but other than that these pics show my Miggy collection, minus Zorro cards.

Most of the Amiga's are easy enough to name, the ones on top of the A4000T and A3000 may be a bit hard to name as may the black computer on the top of the pile.

There are two upgrades shown too, do you know what they are? :cheese

Paul_s 06 March 2008 01:06

Bloody hell, I think some of us could be called fruit cakes with our collections.

<sigh> Just cleaned up my 'new' boxed amiga that came yesterday. An original screengems 500. So that's 4 A500's.

chiark 06 March 2008 01:06

Amiga_Digital, seek help before your ceiling caves in! I thought I was a hoarder, but you've made me seem sane ;) - thanks! :D I'll show those to my wife who thinks I'm in need of help...

heroicnonsense 23 March 2008 01:12

No wonder....
...A1000s and A2000 are getting rarer in the Netherlands... Amiga-Digital has them all stocked in his loft!

NASA called, they want their beowulf cluster back ;)

Seriously though, awesome collection.

r0jaws 23 March 2008 17:27

@Amiga Digital,

That is one serious collection.

Did you stand next to a skip during some office clear out or something?

You have my admiration, (tinged with mild concern). :)

Amiga-Digital 24 March 2008 08:55

Hi rOjaws

i have back in the year 2000 buy about 60% from a amiga store here in the
netherlands ( like alot of chip's hardware a new 3000T new cdtv ) 1 empty a3000t new a2500ux but i have sell it last year

and the most of myn amiga's came from ebay.de and some from ebay.com ( only the a1000's came from the u.s.a.

Jope 24 March 2008 22:34


My "cave" or "pigsty" has become rather crowded lately.. I have so much stuff crammed in here due to the loss of my storage unit that I have stopped caring about any kind of order. I can hardly fit between the stuff myself.

It didn't help that the other week my friend decided to give me 10 more c-64s and a few a500s since he was moving house and didn't want to carry them to the new place.

This means that I've had to sell off a lot of stuff in order to fit in and I'll have to sell more in order for it to become neat again. There's only so much room in a normal apartment. :-(

Don't worry, the rest of our house is clean and orderly and my girlfriend usually keeps the door to my cave closed when we have visitors. :-)

So.. Here's my sad state:


Eclipse 24 March 2008 23:21

That's got to be the messiest part of Finland!
I noticed you write on things in English as well.

Jope 24 March 2008 23:26

Sure. I usually think in English too when next to computers, or when talking or typing English. English OS on the computers, cellphones are switched to English, no electronic devices are in Finnish in my household.. :-D

jrom 17 April 2008 16:43

Hahaha... i must show these pictures to my girlfriend... maybe then she'll see my mess isn't that messy after all ;)

Boot_WB 17 April 2008 17:25

No pictures at the moment, just a description:

1 x a1200 EZ-tower (blizz1240, fastata),
2 x A4000T (well, one is with parcelfarce at the moment, but expecting delivery now they've mugged me for the customs charges), 1 x CSPPC, 1 x Prometheus PCI busboard. I'm undecided whether to sell the extra A4Kt, or keep it for future spares requirements, we'll see.
2 x A4000D motherboards, 1 x Power tower, 1 x desktop case (all separate form each other at the moment), 1 x WarpEngine, 1 x A3640.
1 x A4000D awaiting repairs.
2 x internal scandoublers, 1 in repairs

Various zorro boards, including Picasso IV, Picasso II, Spectrum EGS-24, Peggy plus.

I'm cutting down though (suppressed sniggering is heard), and want to get down to 1 x A4000T with all the trimmings, so will be continuing to post stuff up on Ebay and Amibay (love the new domain btw) in the next few weeks.
After Amiga_Digital's post though, I feel like a newbie again!



Reynolds 05 May 2008 22:46

Pictures maybe later, but:

Amiga 500 - 1 MB ram on MoBo, KS1.3, WB1.3, mouse, joystick, C1085S :)
Amiga 600 - Wild, Weird and Wicked pack, 2 MB chipram, KS2.0 (v37.300)mouse, usual extras but w/o the original games :I
Amiga 1200 - Blizzard603 040@25 / 603@240, 64MB Ram, KS3.0, WB v3.0, OS4, 1.6GB HDD, usual extras,
Amiga 2000 - rev4 MoBo, Serial Nr. 00000136, 0.5MB Chip, 8.5MB Fast, 1.2GB HDD, 8x CDRom, KS2.0, WB v2.1, 2088 PC Emulator card, etc.
Amiga 3000T - 2MB Chip / 16MB Fast on Mobo, KS3.1, OS 3.5, Vlab v1.3, 2.1GB HDD, Plextor 12/20 CDRom, CV64, etc.,
Amiga 4000D - 2MB Chip / 16MB Fast, A3630 w/68030@18, Arxon scandoubler, 12.5GB HP HDD, LG CDRW, KS3.0, WB 3.0 in Micronic tower, etc.,
Amiga 4000D - 2MB chip / 128MB Fast with CyberstormPPC 060@50 / 604@240, CybervisionPPC, KS3.1, HD FDD, Framemachine, 4.3GB UWSCSI HDD, 30GB Maxtor IDE HDD, LG CDRW, 4IDE, OS3.9 / OS4 Final, etc,
Various devices, bits'n'bobs, only for Amigas :)
CDTV - with Keyboard, remote controller, infrared mouse, external floppy and many original titles to feel the spirit,
Amiga CD32 - w/ 1 original controller but even more original titles to feel better the spirit of A-M-I-G-A. :)

rkauer 06 May 2008 07:53


Originally Posted by Amiga-Digital (Post 397940)
hi all

here are some pictures of myn amiga's i have alot of it

Boy! That's huge collection, my friend!:bowdown

I'll show to my wife! Than she never argue with me again when I buy another Amiga or hardware related.


No pictures at moment, but I just have:

1 A1200 with Apollo 040/40 + 32Mb (looking for another SIMM socket to toss more 32Mb), Mediator "v1" + Voodoo & NIC, Dataflier 4000SX hacked to work on 1200, 43Gb IDE HD, 80Gb HD SCSI, IDE DVD-RW, ROM 3.9!, A2000 keyboard. All in a DIY (actually, Did It Myself;)) tower. My pride and joy.

1 A600 2Mb CHIP (no FAST ATM), 2Gb IDE HD, 3.1 ROM & WB :guru;

1 Working, mint condition A500 + A501 (battery-fixed), S-video A520, ROM 2.04 (37300) waiting for a SCSI controller add-on (given by a great m8 :great).

1 A2000, 6.2 board, 1.3 ROM, without any board (I had to sell the GVP 030 Combo :banghead), and just take out the Supra modem (useless).

Some other spare (3 x A500, 1 x A600) boards, bits and chips.

rkauer 03 June 2008 08:23

Ooops! I forgot:

Count one A500+ for the upper amount ;)

And the obligatory A1942 to use with all the Amigas!

Hmm... Time to edit my signature... 10 Paulas at home :D

Galatran 11 July 2008 15:00


I completely empathise with you ! yeah.. thats my dream!!!!! Hopefully one day i will be like you! Im coming to holland in September to play in a couple of festivals, maybe we can become friends ??? :D

I have around 25 computers in total, all kinds, but just 4 amigas...... I waaaaant mooooore!!!

Greetings from Berlin.

chiark 18 July 2008 18:34

jope, just noticed you've got an oqo - i've got an older model (01+). Nice kit, but I wish it could emulate the 500 well :D (I suspect your o2 can!)

boing_1000 18 July 2008 22:37

@miggy digital

I LOVE YOUR 1000 COLLECTION! How many different motherboard revisions do you have in your possession? Mine is a Rev 6 so its the earliest one;)

salax54 20 February 2009 23:33

@Amiga Digital:
You wouldn't happen to have an A4000D empty case anywhere in there, eh? I'm really freakin' searching for one to do some modding... :-(
Awesome collection there!
I've only 2xA1000, 1xA1200, 1xA600, 1xA2000 and 1xCD32...

Amiga-Digital 05 April 2009 13:07


Originally Posted by salax54 (Post 513799)
@Amiga Digital:
You wouldn't happen to have an A4000D empty case anywhere in there, eh? I'm really freakin' searching for one to do some modding... :-(
Awesome collection there!
I've only 2xA1000, 1xA1200, 1xA600, 1xA2000 and 1xCD32...

hi i have sell last time a empty 4000 case

but i will check maybe i got one a 4000/030 case but i'am not sure but will lock when i have time

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