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DJ Mike 27 September 2013 21:06

Getting a compact flash and an old hard disk to work together on A1200
I've just bought a Compact Flash IDE-based drive from AmigaKit which I intend to replace my old 2.5" HDD on my A1200 with. However before that I'd really like to be able to transfer the files from my old HDD to the CF.

I bought the flash drive with a 3-way connector in the hope that both drives would work together; however, I can only get one of them to come online at any one time. I've tried using the jumper on the CF to set it from master to slave to no avail. Both drives definitely get power, as the HDD always powers up, and when it is being accessed the little LED on the CF flashes as if replicating the access light of the HDD.

So what gives... Is there anything obvious I've missed?

prowler 27 September 2013 21:47

Some CF-IDE adapters prevent other devices from sharing the same IDE channel whether configured as Master or Slave.

This trait is more commonly found on dual CF to IDE adapters, but it has been found on some single CF to IDE adapters as well.

If this adapter has been supplied by AmigaKit as part of a CF IDE hard drive replacement kit, then I should imagine it has been checked for full compliance with the Amiga IDE controller.

You say that it makes no difference whether the CF-IDE adapter is set to Master or Slave configuration, but what about your old hard drive? Is that set to Master or Slave? Have you tried changing its configuration and retesting it with the CF connected as well?

If that doesn't work, then it looks like your CF-IDE adapter does indeed have the trait I described above. :sad

DJ Mike 27 September 2013 22:42

Sadly while I think there are two jumpers on the back of the HDD I know not what they do! :( I've tried attaching the jumper from the CF to either but doesn't seem to have had an effect.

prowler 27 September 2013 22:52

What is the Manufacturer and Model of your old hard drive?

The jumper information should then be easy to find.

DJ Mike 27 September 2013 22:56

I'll have a look when I'm back at home!

I wonder - would IDEFix97 be a possible remedy in this circumstance or no good?

prowler 27 September 2013 23:01

I don't think IDEFix'97 will help you with this problem without an IDE extender, which would give you a secondary IDE channel to which you could connect one of the devices.

If you can get the HDD info, then maybe we can figure out how to get them working together on the primary IDE channel.

Where are you in the UK? I could copy the HDD content to the CF for you. I have an IDE extender in both my A1200s. :)

fgh 30 September 2013 01:22

You could also connect both to a PC and transfer the files with WinUAE

DJ Mike 02 October 2013 00:47

I ended up transferring the lot by FTP to PC and then burning to a CD and transferring back after changing to the new CF drive. Thank goodness I still know my way around my old setup :-)

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