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UberFreak 02 July 2010 18:37

CWB3.9 red screen/guru/no boot
Hi again :)

Decided to try out OS3.9 for the very first time today.
All work was done on WinUAE, so far I've done the following:

1) Create a 512MB HDF, formatted with FFS
2) Install OS3.9 (with genesis/aweb & warpos - set to "no ppc card available")
3) Install BB1+2

So far everything boots ok & works fine. Now:
4) Install CWB3.9

After the installation, I attempted to boot from CWB's System.hdf (still on WinUAE) but got a flashing red screen.
I noticed that different things happen depending on the HDF settings, for example:

- HD controller set to UAE - GURU (error 8000 0004 task 1001d568)
- HD controller set to UAE with "enable RDB mode" - no boot (KS3.1 screen)
- HD controller set to IDE0 - flashing red screen

My original OS3.9 HDF with BB1+2 boots fine.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Bloodwych 16 July 2010 15:57

No idea I'm afraid. The install routine isn't ideal I know, but it does work my side and a few others seem to have got it working.

Just make sure you have the OS3.9 (with BB1 & 2) install set as DH0: and the provided ClassicWB HDF set as DH1:, then boot and double click the install icon. It should work fine.

TheELF 16 July 2010 18:39

Since you did format the HD with FFS did you point UAE to a valid fastfilesystem file?
Under the path for your hdf where you select the path of the Filesys!

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