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ruffian 06 November 2009 13:33

DOS Fellow no sound

I'm running DOS Fellow on windows 98, its fine but can't run it with sound, when I select sound from Fellow configuration, the screen just goes blank. Do i need to make entries in the autoexec.bat and config.sys files for my soundcard to be recognised? Its a creative soundblaster. It's a long time since I've made entries in those files to run (pc) dos games so:help any help appreciated. Thanks.

s2325 06 November 2009 13:42

Try SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T4 in autoexec.bat I'm also using DOS Fellow but with DOS-only machine.

ruffian 06 November 2009 14:13

Thanks, I will try that. Nothing in config.sys required then I take it?

s2325 06 November 2009 14:17

I think nothing more is required.

PowerPie5000 06 November 2009 21:33

If it's a PCI sound card then you could run into issues! *Some* PCI cards have ok sound blaster emulation for Dos unless it's a Yamaha based card with an SB-link cable (they have hardware SB Pro support).

If it's an ISA sound card then you should have no problems setting it up for Dos :)

andreas 07 November 2009 18:21

From what I remember, some ancient cards even needed a sort of "wake-up call" to work at all.

ruffian 09 November 2009 09:43

Thanks for all the advice, in the end it seemed to be a case of tinkering around with the sound options, selecting 8bit and not 16bit might have been the problem, but its working fine now.

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