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gilgamesh 08 January 2009 23:25

suspend to disc
A suspend to disc and later resume feature like VirtualBox has would be cool.

When playing games with many disks or an pausing a workbench session this would be useful imo.

TCD 08 January 2009 23:35

Hi gilgamesh,

isn't a savestate exactly that? I might miss something here, but with a savestate you make a snapshot of the current system state and save it tothe HD.

gilgamesh 08 January 2009 23:42

yes, sounds great! Is that a new feature? how do you do that?

TCD 08 January 2009 23:46

Savestates are a quite old feature, but they are a bit 'hidden' ;)
Go to the 'Miseallaneous' window and there you find the 'Load state...' and 'Save state...' buttons. I hope this is what you are looking for :)

gilgamesh 09 January 2009 00:25

I'm not near my Windows-PC and e-uae doesn't respond to F12+F5. :banghead

I'm sure that answers my question, anyway. Thanks :)

TCD 09 January 2009 00:35

I hope someone does know how to use them with e-uae. It should have that feature too :)

OddbOd 09 January 2009 07:47


Originally Posted by gilgamesh (Post 497013)
e-uae doesn't respond to F12+F5

Several people have found that it's broken, me included, something in the keyboard handling of the Linux version prevents e-uae from recognising the key combination, Richard has said he will fix it when he has time. The original UAE does does not have this problem as it includes load/save state buttons in the GUI.

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