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gangsta 24 April 2020 12:58

Looking for EagleRipper advice
Hi all,

I have found this forum to be an invaluable source over the last few weeks but only got round to registering today, partly because I need some advice on the following:

I watched a really cool video on YouTube that covered the process for converting mod files to MIDI and have been trying to do the same with mixed results. During this process I have been playing around with the different methods of ripping mods with exoticripper, prowizard and the good old action replay.

I am having a bit of trouble with tf files which are associated FollinPlayer II. Whilst I am able to play the files, and save the samples from EaglePlayer, I have not managed to save the pattern/sequence, which is really what I'm after.

I believe that it is possible to extract the patterns as I have found a MIDI file from the same game: https://www.khinsider.com/midi/amiga/sly-spy which I believe was ripped and not recreated.

I have not been able to locate the mods from memory or directly from the tf files when using ExoticRipper or the Action Replay

I was wondering if anyone could offer advice on extracting the pattern from EaglePlayer (or via another method)?

Coincidentally, if anyone is interested in attempting to rip the files to mod/midi the tunes I am interested in are Tune1, Tune2 and Tune3 from https://www.exotica.org.uk/wiki/Sly_Spy_-_Secret_Agent

The game disk includes the files in MUS format which behave the same way within EaglePlayer.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I know it is a rubbish game, but i really like the funky soundtrack!

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