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SquawkBox 17 December 2019 04:39

Some music NOT from the 80s...
Jay Jay Johanson - So Tell The Girls That I'm Back In Town (1996)


Stretch - Why Did You Do It ? (1975)


Serial Crew - Need U (2006)


Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues (1958)


Johnny Cash & June Carter - Jackson (1967)


gimbal 17 December 2019 09:40

Cool. I'm going with a real classic here, a nice sing-along-song.


Move your a$$!!!

SquawkBox 17 December 2019 13:43

Shinehead feat. Sting - Jamaican in New York (1992) though I prefer the original version (moving all of the 70s & 90s stuff from the other thread)


Michael Jackson - Rock with You (1979)
... though for me, the absolute best version is from the late South African trumpet player Hugh Masekela. Don't get me wrong, Quincy Jones arrangements on the album this was taken from are top notch (as always).


Gary Moore - Parisianne Walkways (1979)
Trottoir is a male type name, so it ought to be "Parisiens Walkways" but anyway. Song was often aired on radio during the late 90s.


Crystal Waters - Gipsy Woman (1991)



Originally Posted by SquawkBox (Post 1361972)
Rock with You (1979)... version from the late South African trumpet player Hugh Masekela

Just found the song posted on YT (by Sony Music community manager, who would have thought ?), so here it is. So much better than MJ / QJ version it's not even fair, wouldn't you agree ? That album 'Beatin' around de bush' (double entendre) was released in 1992. Also, Miriam Makeba from Pata Pata fame was Hugh ex-wife in case some of you ignored that bit of trivia.


Two more songs :

Billy Ray Cirus - Achy Breaky Heart (1993)


Héroes Del Silencio - Entre dos tierras (1990)


U2 feat. David Howell Evans aka the Edge - Numb (1993), not a huge fan of U2 myself, except with the Joshua Tree, they never really were hitting top gear, it's a bit sad they gave up on rock music that way, in a snap so to speak.


Nick Kamen - I Promised Myself (1990, the vastly superior radio edit)


gimbal 17 December 2019 15:48

hm, how about Gary Numan - Cars. Legendary song.


Release 1979, just missed the boat for the 80s thread :)

SquawkBox 17 December 2019 18:35

I know we're not supposed to speak about religion, but, according to ZZ Top, circa 1973, something may have happened involving Jesus worth mentioning....


SquawkBox 17 December 2019 20:17

Michael Zager Band - Let's All Chant (1978)


gimbal 18 December 2019 13:15


Originally Posted by SquawkBox (Post 1365732)
I know we're not supposed to speak about religion, but, according to ZZ Top, circa 1973, something may have happened involving Jesus worth mentioning....

Jesus was a person though, not a religion. It's fine. But eh, now that you've said that, I am obligated to follow that up.


Because Jesus also built hotrods. (I'm actually sorry for posting this one, it's an acquired taste).

Anubis 18 December 2019 14:24

Wait, are you suggesting that songs can't have anything religious in them if posted here on eab??

What about one that is based on quote from one of my favorite journalist/author Christopher Hitchens:


I am sure this is NOT from 80s. :)

SquawkBox 18 December 2019 22:14


Originally Posted by gimbal (Post 1365621)
Move your a$$!!!

High bpm stuff, sure is. What about El Punto Final from Final Analyzis ?


Not bad, heh ? I like that dry, uncompromising beat. Care for another lively track ? This time it's Max Linen feat. Keithen Carter behind the decks (posted it myself some time ago, got deleted). Lyrics are fun too, they sound a bit like depiction of a vivid nightmare.


SquawkBox 19 December 2019 16:34

Carlos Santa - Black Magic Woman (1970)


Anubis 19 December 2019 17:52

Let's stick for a second with Mr. Santana - Europa & Samba pa ti


jmmijo 19 December 2019 18:52

I prefer the Spanish flavor of SANTA thank you very much :cheese

gimbal 20 December 2019 11:13

And now for something completely different... the Smashing Pumpkins. I can literally pick almost any song here but I'm going with the End is the Beginning is the End from the Batman soundtrack.


Really cool song, I close my eyes and drift away when listening to it.

(but that's because I love the classic Smashing Pumpkins, I can imagine to other people it sounds like nails on a chalkboard).

Anubis 20 December 2019 12:47

And again, something completly different...

Alice In Chains - Would?

Alice In Chains - Down in a Hole

Alice In Chains - I Stay Away

Alice In Chains - Them Bones

Alice in Chains - Nutshell

Alice In Chains - Sludge Factory

Alice In Chains - No Excuses

Alice In Chains - Angry Chair

Alice In Chains - Man in the Box

Alice In Chains - Rooster

This is something I would frequently default to. Mix it with Nirvana and SoundGarden / Audioslave and you get idea...

Since all 3 singers are not alive for a while now, Godsmack and Tool is what kind of hits the same notes... SOAD is getting there...

SquawkBox 20 December 2019 16:52


Originally Posted by Anubis (Post 1366363)
Since all 3 singers are not alive for a while now

Hope for our sanity and peace of mind that these three will not become alive and roam the earth again anytime soon! Last night, while listening to some Siouxsie & Banshees songs, i noticed something funny. That dance duet Capella plagiarized Siouxsie when they released U Got 2 Know, a very popular Euro dancefloor song during the 90s (got sued for it, and lost the trial) :



SquawkBox 25 December 2019 06:06

A remix by a french DJ of Kraftwerk's Radioactivity (1975) :


SquawkBox 04 January 2020 06:58

Body Count featuring Ice T - Institutionalized (2014), lyrics do crack me up! Originally, a Suicidal Tendencies song


jmmijo 08 January 2020 06:16

David Essex - Rock On


Russ Ballard - On the Rebound, well 1980 so sue me :cheese


The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today


Tommy James and the Shondells - Crimson and Clover


Donovan - Mello Yello


Donna Summer - I Feel Love


BB King - The Thrill is Gone


Aretha Franklin - Respect


Spinners - Rubberband Man


Anubis 08 January 2020 12:23

Nice list...

Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay


SquawkBox 08 January 2020 18:21

The Abyssinians - Sattamassagana (1976) great live version from 2002 in frisco, not posted on YT as such, so not an embedded link


Jah rastafari ;) !

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