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TangoOversway 17 October 2010 05:54

New Member, Can't Boot adf, rp9
I just recently bought the Amiga Forever CD image (Plus Edition) and downloaded it. I'm on an iMac (running Snow Leopard) and, as people probably know by now, the directions for anything other than Windows for Amiga Forever are sparse. Each time through I had to learn a new term or two, since, when first starting, I wasn't clear what Hi-Toro was or what other programs are and the directions seem to assume you know all the involved programs.

I know how to use Hi-Toro to change settings and can change the directories and so on for things like the hard drive location. I've moved E-UAE and Hi-Toro to a separate directory to make it easier to access everything.

While in Hi-Toro, I can select any of the included rp9 images for E-UAE, then I click "Okay" to run E-UAE, but there is no sign of the selected rp9 file in DF0. It doesn't show up on the Workbench screen and if I click on the UAE Control icon in the dock, there is nothing listed in DF0.

I found that I can enter, by hand (without the ability to browse at all!) the name of an rp9 file and reboot E-UAE and finally get a disk to boot so I can play a game, but that's a major pain (especially with all the long names for rp9 files).

What could I be doing wrong that I can't get the rp9 files I find in Hi-Toro (with the file selector) to show up in E-UAE or to boot in E-UAE?

Thanks for any help on this!

antonvaltaz 17 October 2010 09:11

The RP9 files are I believe only compatible with the Amiga Forever Player, which is Windows-only.

However RP9s are simply renamed .zip files and if you rename them from *.rp9 to *.zip you should be able to uncompress them, and you can then load the .adf and .hdf files into your emulator.

TangoOversway 17 October 2010 09:55

Thanks -- uncompressing them was easy!

Just tried with an ADF file -- got the same result. I set it up with Hi-Toro so an ADF file is in DF0, then click "Okay" and it doesn't boot to that disk and the icon isn't on the Workbench screen and it doesn't show up in UAE Controls either.

antonvaltaz 17 October 2010 14:59

Unfortunately I don't know anything about Hi-Toro or E-UAE, but if you post your questions in the support.OtherUAE forum I think there are some Mac UAE users there who can probably help.

TangoOversway 17 October 2010 18:40

I'll try that -- thanks!

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