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Jet Set Wally 12 February 2019 00:28

Shadow Warriors
I'm new to Amiga emulation and have just purchased the latest Amiga Forever.
I have downloaded Shadow Warriors but can't find out how to switch from music to the sound effects; I have pressed every key and checked out all menus.
Any help would be much appreciated!

DamienD 12 February 2019 00:39

Heya Jet Set Wally,

Welcome to EAB :great

The manual says to do the following:


...unfortunately it doesn't work.

It's been discussed in a thread on EAB previously. From memory, Galahad/FLT looked at the code and the function doesn't exist.

Fake news from the coders / publishers :crying

DamienD 12 February 2019 00:56

Ignore my above post... I was somehow thinking of this post: http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=...5&postcount=10

It doesn't actually work but not in-game; you need to press <S> while the intro is running and you see it toggle "MUSIC ON / EFFECTS ON" ;)

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