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Retrofan 28 August 2016 01:31

Commodore 64 Thread
Yes, it seems too ambitious to create a thread with this name. But I couldn't find any -please moderators take a look and move it to wherever if you like as I must be very wrong-, and I hate to be searching in others and better late that never.

I just want to open this thread posting about a game from 2015: the Scramble remake:

Edit: Video of the v1.14, link in next post.

Solo Kazuki 28 August 2016 02:34

There's v1.14 of this game.

Retrofan 28 August 2016 18:38


Originally Posted by Solo Kazuki (Post 1108237)
There's v1.14 of this game.

Thanks. Video edited in my first post.

Amon_RA 28 August 2016 20:41

Cool, love this game on my Vectrex.

Cpt. Hindsight 29 August 2016 13:35

Another very good remake of a classic arcade game.

Cosmos V1.2 released in 2014 is based on a game from 1981 by Century Electronics.


Neil79 30 August 2016 01:46



It's time to give the C64 some love now with the latest C64 trainered game ' Firequest +6DGF' released by Hokuto Force. Originally released way back in 1984 by Chris Morris, the aim of this game is to traverse the 7 difficult levels as the character UGH in search of fire. Most likely because he's a bit hungry and needs to cook those sausages. Thanks to Hokuto Force not only have they bugfixed Firequest, but they've also added additional graphics, a brilliant cracktro, included a +6 trainer and as an added bonus it's now NTSC fixed.

Retrofan 30 August 2016 23:36

Neil your link is wrong.

The thing that made me open this thread is that I open your web from time to time, but I'm always here -and when I see something of yours about C64 I search in your page-.

My -only- opinion? You've got a lot of news -all I guess- about new Commodore 64 games, but as I say I always enter here, everyday, so it's great if you can post the best C64 releases (I don't say all). For example, these are really great news that I could have missed:



It's really incredible for a Commodore 64 ;)

Solo Kazuki 31 August 2016 00:18

There's also Sam's Journey


BarryB 31 August 2016 01:27

Just WHEN is Ultimate Newcomer ever going to be released, huh?

Neil79 31 August 2016 11:28


Originally Posted by Retrofan (Post 1108708)
Neil your link is wrong.

It's really incredible for a Commodore 64 ;)

Done and also thanks for your feedback :great:great

wXR 31 August 2016 16:28

Sam's Journey looks absolutely incredible!

Solo Kazuki 31 August 2016 20:57

Sam's Journey premiere is coming soon.


Also interesting is still in development Metroid clone named Hyperion.


Retro-Nerd 31 August 2016 21:51

Yep, Sam's Journey and Hyperion are the most interesting C64 games in development atm. Can't wait to finally play them on real hardware. :great

Retrofan 31 August 2016 22:09

What an amazing introduction !! Looks awesome.

Edit: Of course, Sam's Journey is also at that level. It's very hard to decide what to play with such incredible levels.

Retro-Nerd 31 August 2016 22:39

btw: Commodore is back. :crazy:great


Retrofan 01 September 2016 03:22

As I love basketball and One on One was one of my first C64 games (it was incredible at that time), I have to talk about this great game that was released last year:


Wonderful trailer back then:


Gameplay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?annota...&v=BtL-pD2yMFM

Neil79 01 September 2016 14:20

The Future of Caren Exclusive - What's to come for Caren and the Tangled Tentacles (C64)



For many months now pretty much as soon as it was announced for the F64GC 2015: Adventure competition, we have been discussing the brilliant Caren and the Tangled Tentacles on the C64. It was released as a downloadable 1.1 version, and then later as an exclusive limited Caren and the Tangled Tentacles V1.3, the Commodore 64 - A Visual Commpendium 2nd edition kickstarter EasyFlash-cartridge. But now we have even better news as the Future of Caren by PriorArt looks far better than anything we've seen so far.

wXR 02 September 2016 01:58

Wow, this is amazing. And I can't even believe that that Sam's Journey game is real.

robc 02 September 2016 07:12

It's not an *original* C64 game, but Paul Koller's (Super Bread Box, Micro Hexagon, C64anabalt) new one is an adaptation of Luftrausers (which is going to be titled Luftrauserz), and it looks *gobsmacking*.

Only footage is via a tweet (that I know of), when he was demoing it at Gamescom a few weeks back: https://twitter.com/paulko64/status/765933570795900928

Solo Kazuki 02 September 2016 07:19

Here are recordings of gameplay of Luftrauzerz



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