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eroom72 17 September 2014 14:50

Checkmate 1500 Refresh
OK, so I got one of Kipper2K's 8MB fastmem boards with the ide interface (which is great :bowdown Kipper2K) and was going to install it into one of my A500's but then I remembered that I had a Checkmate 1500....

The Checkmate came with a rather dusty Rev5 500 board, I swapped that with a Rev8A 500+ board.
Added a Indivision ECS.
Added Kipper2K board with an 64MB CF Card. (big enough for the moment)
Added 3.1 rom.

Theres a bit more to do yet, replace the floppy drives with new, clean the keyboard. I'll add pics more pics over the coming weeks.

I'll let the photos do the talking now :)












You may have noticed that Kipper2K's riser board is mounted the other way round to normal, this was to clear the Indi. Even though I knew it would be ok I still PM'd Kipper2K to make sure :laughing.

Was going to mount an external LED as well but cant bring myself to drill the Checkmate case so I think Ill leave as is.


mfilos 17 September 2014 20:24

Really nice beefing man. :)
I'd suggest a big bigger CF (lets say 4GB) and you're good to go :D

eroom72 27 September 2014 18:33

Just got round to uploading the last pics...

Cleaned the keyboard first and tidied the cabling up which was hanging out of the back.



Cleaned out.


And reassembled.


Removed the old battery and fitted a new coin type holder.


Header soldered onto Fastmem/ide board for remote LED.



Homemade LED holder for one the existing cutouts in the 1500 case.



Reassembled with the new disk drives.




All back together.


Well pleased with how it turned out. Have got 3.1 installed along with some patches and whdload :great

cv643d 02 October 2014 23:31

If these cases where for sale again I would buy one immediately.

Lord Aga 03 October 2014 20:59

They are not too complex either. Maybe Loriano could take a look and see what he can do :) Maybe an improved batch...

voyager_1701e 04 October 2014 16:19

I sent him an email and asked him! :) His X500 cases are outstanding :)

What is the D-type blank plate on the front of the case likely for (under the left floppy)?

ElectroBlaster 14 October 2014 14:22


Originally Posted by cv643d (Post 978965)
If these cases where for sale again I would buy one immediately.

So would I!

Members on here will sometimes start a thread about "Would you buy a new Amiga?"

Imho! Start churning out these A500 cases, make one for the A1200 at the same time. Im done with towers. These checkmate things are great :)

eroom72 15 October 2014 10:14

After working on this one I definitely would buy one for the A1200 if available. I did think for a bit while I was putting this together shall I modify it and fit a 1200 board instead but that would have meant cutting up a rare case which I couldn't bring myself to do :-)

cv643d 16 October 2014 16:23

For the A1200 you could simply get a short depth 19" 1u rack case and put the mobo in that, but you would not be able to fit a PSU internally on the 1u rack if you want to run a turbo board.

ElectroBlaster 17 October 2014 18:26


Originally Posted by cv643d (Post 981160)
For the A1200 you could simply get a short depth 19" 1u rack case and put the mobo in that, but you would not be able to fit a PSU internally on the 1u rack if you want to run a turbo board.

Whilst that is feasible, easy to do etc! I still think one of these checkmate's re-jigged for an A1200 would just rock big time :D

I remember an Atari ST version which just looked FUGLY in comparison to this Checkmate.

If somebody like Jens started churning these out, I would buy one asap!

cv643d 21 October 2014 16:09

Yes I have to agree, the Checkmate looks like an oldschool "professional" workstation.

clusteruk 23 September 2018 14:17

Wow that looks great, it took me over twenty years to get myself another Checkmate 1500 as a memento of all the work I did on them and inspired me to re make it as you may know.

Sorry for the blatant plug but down to 9 days :-)




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