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Djay 04 October 2010 14:27

CD32 video skipping
using WinUAE and the quickstart CD32 config... video sequences skip alot

is there a way to fix it

i am running discs not isos btw

thanks for any info

Jimbo 04 October 2010 14:30

Make an ISO and then try. It sounds to me like bad burn if it is a burn. Or dirty disc or even a bad PC drive you are running it from?

I wonder why you would run from cd instead of iso anyway?

Unless you try ISO first you can't rule anything else out.

Toni Wilen 04 October 2010 14:32

Not very useful report..

What game? Only this one game? Other games? and so on..
(testing as an image is good idea too)

Djay 04 October 2010 14:54

tested ISO and that works fine..

Jimbo 04 October 2010 15:09

I think you need to now test media/burning speed/drive.

I find my real cd32 hates anything burnt above 4x, I know this is a PC drive but have you tried a slow burn.

Anyway I have no idea what I am talking about hehe

/me steps aside for Toni :)

Also you didn't say what game it was.


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