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smoorke 19 January 2009 16:20

Keyboard control Winuae Properties Bug
I ran into the unusual situation of not having a mouse attached to my Windows computer and i came to notice that it is imposible to reach most of the pages of the Properties.
This is with using WinUAE 1.6.0 (Public Beta 7, 2009.01.03)
This behaviour is also found in all versions prior to this down to 1.4.6 (2008.02.02) and possibly even lower (don't have earlier versions installed)

DamienD 20 January 2009 00:35

Can you be more specific smoorke?

Just tried with v1.5.3 and could move / select everywhere by using <tab>, <space> etc...

The only thing that was difficult to navigate were the menus down the side e.g Settings, Hardware, Host (including sub categories). I worked out how to select these though, just <tab> until one of the menus is highlighted then press the beginning letter of the menu / sub category to move there. You cannot use <tab> / <arrow keys> here... Hope this makes sense? ;)

smoorke 21 January 2009 01:31

hmm, well it still seems like a bug to me if it's possible to partially navigate the tree with cursor left/right while up/down are unresponsive.
But this might not be Toni's fault at all, perhaps whomever designed the IDE Toni uses is to blame.
Anyways i hope Toni can somehow fix this when/if he feels like it.

Toni Wilen 21 January 2009 13:11

I finally understood what you meant :)

ALT + cursor keys work (and SHIFT too). These should be normal Windows navigation shortcuts in list views, WinUAE does not care about keyboard navigation.

There was some reason why plain cursor keys won't work in that control. Naturally I don't remember it anymore..

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