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lesta_smsc 23 January 2020 23:15

Maybe best to leave it now but would be interesting to know if the previous set had a faulty cable or adaptor that stopped it from working .

saimo 01 February 2020 18:18

Hi all,

lately I've been giving some love to my A1200 setup, which remained neglected for way too long time. One of the things I tried to do was increasing the CF raw transfer rate: the performance did improve, but I wonder if it could be even better. I've searched these forums (especially this thread), but maybe I missed something. So, it goes like this...

System specs: A1200 + Blizzard 1230-IV with 60 ns RAM + CF adapter and 4GB CF card bought from AmigaKit + (carefully updated/patched) AmigaOS 3.9. I don't know the brand of the CF card as it's covered by the AmigaKit sticker, but, if that's relevant, I can remove the sticker.

SysInfo test results (scsi.device version, IDEfix 199.19 on/off -> rate in B/s):
* 40.12, off -> 1927529
* 40.12, on -> 1996020
* 45.35, off -> 956729
* 45.35, on -> 1996020
* 46.0/1, off -> 1641820
* 46.0/1, on -> 1990967

So, the best combination is scsi.device 40.12 or 45.35 + IDEfix, which gives 1996020 B/s (about 1.904 MB/s).

Is there anything else that can improve the performance?

RetroMartin 12 February 2020 23:52

4GB two partitions FFS (SFS?) and FAT32
I installed 4GB CF card above pcmcia port so it's easy to remove.
I want to create 2GB partition for amigaOS and 2GB fat32 to exchange files with linux/windows.
Where do I start?


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