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Zetr0 30 August 2006 14:13

hmmmmmm very peculiar...

i think it might be a good idea if we had a sticky about CF in general including setups both IDE and PCMCIA (with tools)

this could also include a lit of supported CF cards and Adapters.

what say you oh global monitors!?

(just making sure bippym is reading.... *captive* ) *hehhe* its like a magic word...

i can help with some docs for it, i would also like to get thomas and you *loopos2000* involved as well :)

now what could we call it... Sticky CF or CF Sticky!? hmmm i know we could have a wiki - sticky :D)

lopos2000 30 August 2006 14:30

I think it's a good idea to have a 'CF Sticky'. More and more people are using a CF adapter nowadays as they very cheap and easy to transfer data between computers.

Crown 31 August 2006 11:28

I agree. :)

Smiley 02 September 2006 20:56

My new 44pin adapter works fine and I can now boot to wb 2.1 on my 1gb cf card .

I believe the problem is with CF>IDE adapters that configure the CF card as removable media rather than an actual HardDrive.

astuermer 07 September 2006 19:44

I've bought such an adapter too...


Due to it's standard HD power-connector (no small one) I hope it works without problems in my A3000. I currently have one 1GB SCSI Harddisk and one 2GB IDE Harddisk on a BuddhaIDE running inside.

Is it possible to boot from a CF Card and don't use Harddisks anymore?

Best regards

Zetr0 07 September 2006 20:27

yes it is, i do it all the time... boot times are awsome.. (taking into account the delay of 3.1 rom startup)

I even have my winuae run from a amiga hd formatted CF card so i can plug it into the real thing whenever i want and then into the laptop via pcmcia :D)

astuermer 11 September 2006 22:29

Erm, that means - If I run a bootable CF card in my Amiga I can plug it out and use it under WinUAE on a PCMCIA slot?

Zetr0 12 September 2006 01:43

yes it does indeed, :)

winUAE sees it as an amiga formatted HD so away it works :D) *whoot*

easy to setup and even easyier to take to and fro...

OR if you want to you could use IDE

Olecranon 12 September 2006 01:59

Anyone know a place where I can purchase an internal IDE adapter for an A500? This would work great in an A500

Zetr0 12 September 2006 12:18

i belive all you can get is the side-car version...

something like this

or if you can get one of these.

both of these can be moddified to work with a IDE-CF adapter and hence a CF card.

there are others methods, but they are generally considered exotic, rear and or expensive.

musashi5150 12 September 2006 12:30

Sometimes there are internal ICD kits for A500 that plug into CPU slot. I've seen these on eBay, so they can't be 'that' rare.

Zetr0 12 September 2006 17:11

thats true, (thanks musashi5150) i had complete forgot about the DKB, that allows for IDE, a couple have appeared on ebay of late and sold arround the £20 mark...

gizmomelb 12 September 2006 18:46

just a note on CF cards, I've got a 512MB ADATA 80X card which works fine.

gizmomelb 12 September 2006 18:48


Originally Posted by Smiley

Zero I recieved you stuff this morning. Went through testing and I found out it was the adapter which was not working corretly! I formatted and installed workbench 2.1 onto my 1gb CF card no problems through your adapter.

I will ship it all back to you today, seeing as im pretty much finished with it now.

I will take pictures of both adapters to see if anyone can spot the difference between them. The non-working card works on my PC but not on my Amiga.

Lets hope my 44pin adapter I ordered works ok. (Attached pictures of it)

Hi Smiley,

yours appears to need power supplied to it, whereas the pics of the one on the right do not (I have a similar one, it does not need external power from a floppy drive connector).

Smiley 12 September 2006 19:40


Originally Posted by gizmomelb
Hi Smiley,

yours appears to need power supplied to it, whereas the pics of the one on the right do not (I have a similar one, it does not need external power from a floppy drive connector).

They both need power as they are 3.5" adapters......The power adapter on the 2nd one is on the other side.

Anyway my 44pin adapter (shown) works fine.

I believe non-working adapters are ones that configure as removable media rather than an actual IDE hard drive.

ElectroBlaster 22 September 2006 19:05

Check this out, I just found this on ebay. Reckon it will work guys?


If it does then dual 1gig flash cards would be smart :D

Zetr0 22 September 2006 20:25

yepo that will work as i have one of them on an amiga mobo at present for testing OS builds :)

its okay, one must remember that its the only device on a channel so you cannot follow it by attaching a ROM or something, as this would have to goto the secondary channel. (this is of course if you have the secondary ide-cf adpater slot with a media in)

still its pretty darn cool... a el-cheapo 128MB boot drive coupled with a nice 8GB drive (or better :D )

heroicnonsense 23 September 2006 13:33


Originally Posted by Olecranon
Anyone know a place where I can purchase an internal IDE adapter for an A500? This would work great in an A500

There's one on eBay now (and no, it's not my auction so i'm not spamming my own links :))


EDIT: Whoops! Sorry, this is RAM only; no IDE controllers :(

EDIT2: This seems to be the right one for you though: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/AMIGA-500-XP-S...QQcmdZViewItem

Zetr0 23 September 2006 14:45

can these two items be bolted together on an A500 ?

ElectroBlaster 23 September 2006 17:46

But this will allow two cards plugged in yes?
I wont be bothering with cd drives after this lot, I have rebuilt a really nice basic 1200 and im currently thinking where can this flash adaptor sit and still look normal in the case

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