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turrican3 21 March 2008 03:57

gpu which one to choose
Tell me if i'm wrong toni, the best gfx cards for winuae are the radeons ?
I think that because they have the best gpu speed and memory too.
by exemple if you look this board which gfx card is the best for winuae and why?
Or why not matrox, we don't care about 3d capacity.
which one should be the best for winuae matrox nvidia ati ?

turrican3 11 July 2008 14:14

I buyed an ati radeon 4850 , is there a way to creat a 640x512 display with this card ? I know that there is powerstrip but i don't like the splashscreen at launch, is there an other way ?

Yoto 11 July 2008 15:26

Well, there is no point into buy a graphic card for WinUAE based on GPU and Ram Speed, since your ati or any nvidea is more than enough for UAE, even the older versions. Matrox no longer produces "Gaming" Graphic cards ( some old pci versions can be used in A4000 and A1200T i think ).
The only real matter here is the Display type, DX or OpenGL. UAE supports OpenGL and DX.Both are supported by ATI and NVidea, but OpenGL seems to perform better in Nvideas than Ati Imho.
Anyway i´m a bit suspect since i prefer Nvideas...

TCD 11 July 2008 15:36

Yupp, that's right. Any never NVidea or ATI card should be fine. However setting up a native 640x512 resolution can be tricky with the wrong TFT monitor. So you should check that too :)

Yoto 11 July 2008 15:58

Thank you TCD just edited!

TCD 11 July 2008 16:01


Originally Posted by Yotoxionomai (Post 433025)
Thank you TCD just edited!

No problem :)

turrican3 16 July 2008 17:53

why winuae with a radeon 4850 pcie is slower in game (ecs or aga) than with a geforce 7800 gs agp ?
hq2x enabled by exemple settlers make slowdown even 640x480.
With my 7800 gs it was ok even 800 x 600 or 1280 x 512.
strange !:shocked

Toni Wilen 16 July 2008 17:58

How should I know? I have 4870 now and it works as fine as old 3870 and 8800GTX before it broke down..

Bad "Display buffer setting?

alexh 16 July 2008 18:06

Has everyone got more money than I?

4870?? It took me long enough to save up for my GeForce Fx5200

Shoonay 16 July 2008 18:19

I'm kinda lost with all the numbers... which one's the best, and which is the cheapest, and which is the most powerful, and... damn, might as well wait for a dx10.1 full support to get cheaper AND actually used in more than 2 games... or is that dx11? :blased

Toni Wilen 16 July 2008 18:30

Check usual hardware review sites, not Amiga sites, thanks :)

turrican3 16 July 2008 18:33

ok i found toni changed some settings in my bios and all works fine now even better than with the 7800 gs.
Toni, i ask you because nobody answered me, is it possible to create 640 x 512 display with an ati ?

ceztko 16 July 2008 18:45


Originally Posted by turrican3 (Post 434561)
Toni, i ask you because nobody answered me, is it possible to create 640 x 512 display with an ati ?

You don't have to keep powerstrip enabled in autostart. Just use it once and remove it from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run in the registry. I think you can even uninstall it without loosing resolutions you added previously.

Toni Wilen 16 July 2008 18:55

Resolutions are stored in registry but I don't know any utility except PowerStrip that can add or modify resolutions.

turrican3 17 July 2008 00:22

thank you toni :great

andreas 17 July 2008 01:49


Originally Posted by alexh (Post 434556)
Has everyone got more money than I?

4870?? It took me long enough to save up for my GeForce Fx5200

LOL! I got this one inside still and I'm happy with it!
(ASUS V9520/TD)

So both of us are real old-timers, don't you think Alex? :)
No octo-core CPU, no gfx card that needs its own power station, unable to play hyper-modern games that recommend two DVD-ROM drives otherwise you will go like: "Please insert DVD 1 in any drive". "Please insert DVD 3 in any drive". "Please insert DVD 2 in any drive" :lol
(Maybe a bit exaggerated but if not now, then in the near future.)


Damn, I feel so ancient now! :evilgrin

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