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Cowcat 17 October 2020 23:27

GemRB Morphos
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Ok. Got this built months ago but wasn't working properly until today :blased

Compiled with grelbfarlk's warpos sources (0.8.5) and is only tested with BG2 demo.
Save seems to not work for whatever reason.

I don't know if it works for the complete games but I heard people crying for a MOS version, so what the hell.


New Beta 3 (0.8.6):

jPV 18 October 2020 13:09

Nice, will you upload it to MorphOS Storage to let people find it? :)

Cowcat 18 October 2020 13:25

@jPV Maybe. Gotta check how behaves with full games and fix stuff. And read about users tests.

Still alpha (??).

tolkien 18 October 2020 15:25

Buen trabajo tio!

I'll try it in a moment with my morphos machine!

grelbfarlk 18 October 2020 16:22


Originally Posted by Cowcat (Post 1435289)
Ok. Got this built months ago but wasn't working properly until today :blased

Save seems to not work for whatever reason.


I'm guessing the saving is the same problem I had. It's failing to create the save directory, I "fixed" it on the older version but didn't on 0.8.5. If you manually create the directory before attempting to save it should work.

Cowcat 18 October 2020 19:56

@grelbfarlk I had some files saved before and could load those but now kinda not.

@Tolkien Configurar juegos es un cristo.

Managed to install "Icewind Dale 2" and seems to work OK.

BUT In the meanwhile found that some of the scripts were damaged in the first upload, A new upload above and also with a config I use to run Icewind 2.

UPDATE: New "official" beta 1 that has save fixed.

Cowcat 21 October 2020 10:52

....Baldur's Gate 2 works good.

This is what I got on my BG2 dir:


Apps:GemRB> list BG2-SoA/
Directory "BG2-SoA" on Wednesday 21-Oct-20
CD4                                Dir ----rwed Yesterday 13:43:16
CD3                                Dir ----rwed Yesterday 13:39:16
save                              Dir ----rwed Monday    18:38:30
gem-baldur.ini                    2075 ----rwed Yesterday 16:10:16
CD2                                Dir ----rwed Yesterday 13:31:24
GemRB.log                      190809 ----rwed Yesterday 21:41:17
data                              Dir ----rwed Monday    15:41:34
characters                        Dir ----rwed Monday    18:25:52
music                              Dir ----rwed Monday    15:40:04
dialog.tlk                    7351948 ----rw-d 11-Sep-00 18:03:40
Chitin.key                      496634 ----rw-d 11-Sep-00 18:48:34
sounds                            Dir ----rwed Monday    15:40:06
4 files - 8 directories - 8041466 bytes used

Probably some more dirs are needed but seems to work ok for now.

My BG2.cfg has that (modded from examples provided):





No need to add CDx dir paths.

BULI 21 October 2020 14:12

Any chance for WOS progres?

Cowcat 21 October 2020 14:54


I compiled it first in WOS moons ago but it tended to crash and the fact was a compiled linux version also crashed.

MOS bugs were different due to added "swprintf" function(s) that don't exist in SDK.

I updated some little stuff here and there from 0.8.7 upstream, fixed the print functions and seems to work ok.

Don't know if WOS now would work better but the matter is a proper Python library and I don't remember how it was built and how the hell was all assembled (playing was slow anyways).

Cowcat 21 October 2020 16:33

New video that shows directories and settings for BG2.


Yep I know people has some problems and I had those too.
My 2 cents:

-Don't let config choose the "auto" option -> choose the right name of the game.
-Don't mix scripts from the port package with those that are inside the dir game. No-no.
-Forget about output warnings of CD paths, plugins, etc. The program has already all the plugins embedded and with GamePath correctly set it gets what is needed.
-Of course the correct python mos library and its script lib.

Cowcat 26 October 2020 20:06

To the guy who uploaded this port to Aminet:

Not a wise move to pack a python library in it ....

Cowcat 30 October 2020 20:48


Total rebuild from official GemRB github: Version in between 0.8.5-6 due to some major memory bugs.

Edit: Fixed issues, upgraded to 0.8.6 (beta3)

lynx 06 November 2020 17:57

Hey, upstream here. Did you have to make any changes? The master branch now contains improvements that also relate to Amigas and the Amiga port is in the process of being updated. Patches or even just diffs would be appreciated, so we can make things work out of the box.
It needs to be rebased, which will simplify several things, but the work is going on here: https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/pull/987 (an unresolved text bug stalled it)

Cowcat 06 November 2020 19:55


I appreciate your interest.

Game is compiled to the latest upstream as is today.

Two concerns:

1 : Since 0.8.7, the increase of logs specially since the pathfinder code bogs down the game.
Don't know if there's a way to bypass the not-so-important messages but a 0.8.6 version (unreleased) without the big chunk of logs done by resource/actor/actions/etc. benefit the playability.

There should be a way to decide what can be done for the "other platforms" due to this constant shell output and write to hd work.

Also there are major problems with weiDU code in it among little ones (disabled).

2 : cmakelist : Still don't find a proper way to form a cmake for Morphos, so is compiled with a "light" makefile. Apart from that, SDL_mixer (SDL1) for Morphos is broken in the official PowerSDL libs so a hacked one is linked static for the cause ( same lib I did for DevilutionX ) -> Another layer of complexity for full cmake support out-of-the box.

Anyways my fork will be soon online.

Extra: I'm not responsible of people sharing versions outside EAB: They pack python in it without the lib/py dir. So why not icon.library too ??? :banghead

lynx 06 November 2020 20:29

1. Pathfinder logs: we'll remove the noisy ones for the next release — we're still ironing out some kinks. If you can redirect output to whatever /dev/null would be for you, that should solve the printing problem.

But good idea to make also the file log(ger) optional. I've opened a reminder here:

1.1. What do you mean with weidu code? We don't need any to run, so I have no idea what you're referring to.

2. You can force cmake to find the libs you need by specifying them on the command line. But meh, this sort of thing is very annoying to try to solve through a forum. Static linking shouldn't matter though.

2.1. Let me know once it's up or just open an issue to the comparison view, so we can start whittling down the changes.

Cowcat 07 November 2020 14:41



lynx 07 November 2020 15:21

Thanks, opened an issue for it. Best to continue the discussion there.

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