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VoltureX 05 December 2011 01:58

Is there anything as Virtual Memory?
I'm short on RAM on my A1200 and would be happy if there is a virtual memory program for the Amiga.

On AmiNet there are a few virtual memory programs but I don't know which to choose or if they really are like pagefiles on PCs and so on.

I know they are not as fast as RAM if any exists but I have a 4GB CF card and could surely fit a partition on maybe 64MB for Virtual RAM.

It sounds like future but would be cool if such a program exists.

I have to say, I have no MMU in my A1200.



Thorham 05 December 2011 05:11

VMM on Aminet does the job, but I'm sorry to say that like all true virtual memory it needs an MMU. Get an accelerator with a '030 and stick a 64 MB stick in it.

VoltureX 05 December 2011 14:26

Ok, I will get me an accelerator card instead. Thanks Thorham.

Thorham 05 December 2011 17:02


Originally Posted by VoltureX (Post 788902)
Ok, I will get me an accelerator card instead. Thanks Thorham.

Just make sure it will see enough use, or it's probably not worth it (unless money isn't an issue).

VoltureX 07 December 2011 01:31

It would be sweet for WHDLoaded AGA games aswell ;)

Solid Snake 07 December 2011 23:44

This thread is kinda surreal for me. I was only thinking the other day of Virtual Memory for my 2MB A1200 4GB CF HD system.

Its a shame you can't emulate VM without the help of an MMU :(

But, it would be cool if u could use part of your HD as virtual memory on a stock A1200 using some patch/utility.

What many Amiga owners want is an affordable 8MB fast ram expansion (max. 50UKP) board for their A1200. Then they can truly enjoy all the great Whdload games/demos/apps on the real hardware.

Maybe its time to hold a EAB poll ?

TTD 22 December 2011 21:18

VoltureX you could get a1200 board if you look on fup-online.dk I dont know if the user still have it for sale, maybe try give him a email and swapfile hmm if you have enough ram on acc kort no need as I remember it was 40 MHz 1230 with 64 MB ;)

PM is send about it

daxb 23 December 2011 13:51

Btw. anyone managed SFSSalv to work with VMM? (SFS tool) I vailed.

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