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leongt 23 June 2002 14:12

File transfer
whot's the better program for transfering adf files back to original amiga format, FileTransfer, DiskWiz or TransADF, have only just got an amiga 1200hd and havent tryed to do eny file transfering yet.

blackcornflake 23 June 2002 15:39

Amiga ADF Utilities
I recommend two utilities, namely...

TransADF: This currently only supports extraction of ADFs to Amiga floppy, and requires MUI.

ADFBlitzer (written in Blitz Basic): Allows extraction and creation of ADFs.

Both have GUIs, which makes usage a piece of cake. Perhaps try ADFBlitzer, as this is a self-contained executable with no external requirements. CardWare, available on Aminet.

Drake1009 23 June 2002 18:54

I still prefer DIP (from aminet) to do that job for me. Sure it's a command line program but in my opinion it beats ADFBlitzer in the way that ADFblitzer won't give any error messages if something goes wrong.

With old disks there's a good risk that the disk contains errors. DIP verifies the data it writes and tells you if something went wrong. ADFblitzer will just stop when something preventing it from continuing happens. Thus you can think that the game you just wrote wrote correctly and delete the image only to find that the disk contains an error. Now where's the problem? The disk or the image??

The program in itself isn't much harder to use than ADFBlitzer, only problem is the fact that it doesn't like spaces in the names. You just type DIP File_name device_name and it'll do the work for you.

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