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pbareges 04 March 2005 20:41

do you know if moon patrol was ported to the amiga ?
:bowdown thank you.

Codetapper 04 March 2005 21:24

No official version was converted. There may have been some PD clone however...

CodyJarrett 04 March 2005 21:41

The Scorpius shareware game Overlander springs to mind. There are probably a fair few others.

keropi 05 March 2005 00:36

I used to play a lot MOON PATROL...

Akira 05 March 2005 01:56

But NOT on the Amiga
Overlander seems as close as it gets to the real thing, I'm afraid..

mr_a500 05 March 2005 03:21

Warning! There's another game called Overlander that's completely different (racing game). I downloaded 3 copies of the wrong game so far.

andreas 05 March 2005 09:30

Yep, that's why HOL has TWO entries :D :evilgrin

Shoonay 05 March 2005 12:00

Isn't it the version from AmiNet?

overlander.lha (Jump over obstacles using buggy)

pbareges 08 March 2005 19:12

i tryed overlander and found it fun and close to the original (in terms of spirit and gaming fun)

thanks for the info.

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