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Eny- 30 June 2004 03:53

Probs with FTP
How can i make my FTP client on the PC to react like PC folder system when i transfer files to my miggy?

ex: When i transfer a file "test" to a directory on the miggy "Dh0:test" instead of the file being tranfered to that dir, the file is tranfered to "Dh0:" with the filename "Dh0test"

I hope i explained the problem so you can understand it :)

jmmijo 30 June 2004 04:11

AFAIK you can't make an FTP Client do this unless it also has an FTP Server built into it. This is what you need to do, find a free FTP Server for a WIN32 system and configure it accordingly.

You would then be able to show only a certain folder or folders for access and also make them READ only so they can't be modified or even create an uploads folder with R/W attributes set ;)

As for which one to recommend, I'm sure there are some others that can give you some help in this area. I used to run a commercial product by the folks that created Bullet Proof FTP Client, it was called G6 FTP Server.

Jope 30 June 2004 09:19

You should probably cd to the destination directory first and then put the file without the destination path. This is a problem on the Amiga's FTP server, not the PC's FTP client..

The server doesn't seem to understand Amiga style devices? Is it an ixemul binary?

If I were you, I'd use smbfs on the Amiga side to get the files.. Much nicer to just mount your PC's shares.

Eny- 30 June 2004 11:21

I don't have any FTP server running on the AMiGA... i mean i don't think so... i've just installed AmiTCP v4.2 and configured it.

Eny- 30 June 2004 11:38

As for smbfs... i you'd really like to install samba but i'm having some difficulties doing it... how about smbfs? it's easier?

Eny- 02 July 2004 21:49


oldpx 03 July 2004 01:53

I'm not sure if I understand the question but flashfxp can work like a file manager if you set both windows as "local browser". This way you can also go to network neighborhood so if you can reach your amiga from network, you can do so with flashfxp.

Eny- 03 July 2004 12:57

Ok, since i'm using that exact FTP client, i'm going to try that.

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