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quahappy 30 May 2008 16:35

Play Amiga games online?
When browsing recently I've noticed the increase of retro home computer games that can now be played online without the need to download emulators. Takes the fun somewhat out of fine-tuning emulators to get them to work but I guess it's ok for a quick look at the classics from years ago for those who don't want to get there hands grubby with emulators. ZX81, Spectrum and C64 are just a few websites where you can play games online.

At my site (no, this isn't a plug!) I've got an Arcade Room with over 180 games now but I'm constantly on the lookout for retro games that appeared on home computers / consoles first but they are few and far between (are some are well crap conversions) especially those that have been converted to submit scores. Not come across Amiga games but the closest so far added are (from other consoles / home computers): Prince of Persia, Bombjack, Pang, Arkanoid, Blasterman, Pssst, Q Bert, Rick Dangerous, Super Mario Flash, Donkey Kong, 1945. These are all games that have been "converted" to Flash by programmers and made to submit scores to a database so members can compete for monthly and all time high scores. :D

If it WAS possible to play Amiga games online and for them to submit scores, you can guarantee I'd be the first to set up a site up for that (or we'd add it to this one)!!! EAB members competing for top place and maybe tournaments as well (I know this has been done via threads). If unsure what I mean, take a look at (there's hundreds of 'em similar): http://www.arcade-euphoria.com/index.php?autocom=arcade (it's where I download games from and add them to mine).

Goes to show the amount of Flash (and Java) programmers out there who believe in retro games being the best and getting them as close to the original as possible for all to play online.

So, wonder how long for Amiga games to follow the same route and be able to play them online? How do think this would affect the Amiga community if this was possible?

laffer 30 May 2008 17:54

Play Rick Dangerous online -


DDNI 30 May 2008 18:04

Barbarian is there too!


quahappy 31 May 2008 09:53


Originally Posted by laffer (Post 419038)

Yep, Would you believe this one is popular with female members at my site?! I still struggle with first level. Hmmm, got me thinking, I wonder if cheats work in this game? Only trouble is, my Arcade Room program, detects when cheats are being used heh heh.

What home computer / console is Rick Dangerous one originally from though?


Originally Posted by DDNI (Post 419041)

Cool! I'll have to ask about getting this game to Submit Scores so I can add it to my site. :D

Couple of other classics that has been converted and added: Gyro Ball (no where near good as Amiga version though!), also got Final Fight but is buggy. :(

If I had to pick one Amiga game that would submit scores it has to be Slam Tilt. ;)

quahappy 06 June 2008 23:25

WOW! Just found another Amiga classic which is currently being tested at my site... (this one submits scores so members can compete for 1st place heh heh).


It also mentions the great Amiga musician Chris Huelsbeck's album: "Number Nine".

See the game for yourself at this website :D

laffer 07 June 2008 01:56

Here you can play the C64 version -


quahappy 09 June 2008 12:39

Just found another Flash game that submits score: Flash Fodder. Not great but good for a quickie. Find it here. ;)

Here's one question I asked in first post:

So, wonder how long for Amiga games to follow the same route and be able to play them online? How do think this would affect the Amiga community if this was possible?
My own opinion is that it goes to prove just how great Amiga games were and developers are taking time to convert / restore these in Flash format. I'm sure it'll generate even more interest for people who may never had played on an Amiga to want to play these classics in full with WinUAE or on real Amiga.

Wonder how long it'll be before The Settlers and especially Slam Tilt get converted lol.

mihcael 09 June 2008 13:03

Not sure about the online/competing part of it, but there are heaps here, http://kookosity.blogspot.com/2006/0...revisited.html not just flash, and these ones (included in the other list) are flash http://kookosity.blogspot.com/2005/1...es-galore.html

AmigaOnline 11 July 2010 15:48

The best way to play Amiga games online (with some friends as opponents) is to go there:


Best place around :xmas :great

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