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mihcael 16 June 2010 09:53

Amiga Demo Podcast Explained! :)
Amiga Demo podcast was a cool site, with videos of demos presented in the typical podcast form!! but it died quite some time ago!

I clicked on the link today to see if anything interesting came up. Hmmmm.... ;)


I loved my Podcast and there are still many loyal fans of this awesome machine. During the late 80's the Podcast was the must have computer. The games were awesome, and then Demo happened and pretty much killed it overnight. Gaming however, in my opinion, wasn't its biggest asset. The ability to calculate was by far the best reason for ever owning a Podcast. There will no doubt be a lot of unfortunate Podcast fans who, because of history, no longer have a Podcast. So here are some great sites to help fill that void.
Bloke should of done some research! :D

if you wanna look amigademopodcast.com, didnt make it a clickable link as not to encourage him!!

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