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Bombjacker 11 August 2001 22:48

Remapping game keyboard layout
Does anyone know how to change the selected buttons for the keyboard layout for winfellow? I would like to change them so they are compatible with the Hotrod SE joystick as I hate PC joypads and joysticks! Keyboard setup 2 works but not setup 1. So all though I can play one player games okay its still needed for likes of IK+ (the best beat-em-up ever - PS2 owners: you can keep your Tekken Tag!) The Competition Pro was a classy joystick, none of this analogue shanigans! :confused

Bombjacker 17 August 2001 20:35

Should I pester the developers of Winua and Winfellows then peeps? Coz no-one has replied so I guess it can't be done unless you are a programming wiz which I certainly ain't!

Akira 17 August 2001 22:55

Check out this thread for more info. I think you can change the keys in Winfellow, but not oin WinUAE

Bombjacker 17 August 2001 23:32

Nice one again. Just wish winfellow was compatible with more games as it is a lot more stable, so it seems to me, than winuae!:)

Akira 18 August 2001 21:25

Well, I always liked Fellow a lot more than WinUAE when it comes to games. I only use WinUAE with Picasso emulation turned on, for using Amiga apps.

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