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Foxman 27 January 2018 15:24

Elfie - The Unicorn - new game for classic amigas
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I once uploaded a small trailer for Elfie - The Unicorn.

The game is nearing completion and will be released soon.

Check it out (there is also a small preview of "Jack - The Unicorn Hunter" inside the trailer.


You can find more infos and news @ amiga68k.de:

eXeler0 01 February 2018 22:21


Lord Aga 01 February 2018 22:51

Ha, somehow i missed this :)
Cool man, keep going!

DamienD 01 February 2018 23:14

We should probably link to the development thread for additional information: Elfie - The Unicorn [Beta] ;)

Foxman 02 February 2018 14:29

Thx :)

Kitty 08 February 2018 20:36

Looking forward to release, great stuff ;)

Foxman 21 July 2018 23:16

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Originally Posted by Kitty (Post 1218288)
Looking forward to release, great stuff ;)

Release is today @ Nordlicht Demo Party :)

You can watch the live stream here: https://scenesat.com/video/6?sldp

DamienD 21 July 2018 23:42

Great stuff :great

...and where can one download the final version to play with? :p

Foxman 21 July 2018 23:56

After Nordlicht i will upload the adf version to aminet and the zone ;)

DamienD 22 July 2018 01:11

Thanks Foxman ;)

No rush though, whenever suits you. Enjoy the party and your release there.

hipoonios 25 July 2018 15:45

Game can be downloaded from Pouet. Thanks for the game Foxman!

DamienD 25 July 2018 16:12

Awesome, will give this a bash tonight :great

zzbylu 25 July 2018 21:47

Small gameplay, ver. 1.0

Foxman 26 July 2018 10:25


Originally Posted by zzbylu (Post 1256676)

Thx for playing and showing :)

The game is also ready for download (aminet follows these days) :)


hipoonios 26 July 2018 20:13

Never seen a Backbone game with a working highscore (and saves the score to disk). How did you manage to do that?

Foxman 30 July 2018 10:49


Originally Posted by hipoonios (Post 1256854)
Never seen a Backbone game with a working highscore (and saves the score to disk). How did you manage to do that?


that was my codemaster. He told me that it is possible and he could implant it. Elfie is not the typical game for highscores, but i thought when its possible then we should do it :D

Foxman 22 January 2019 21:22

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Elfie – The Unicorn – Easy Peasy Edition released today.

With the Easy Peasy Edition we want to make Elfie frustration-free so that the kids could really enjoy the game without fear of the end.

We have:

- jump traps removed

- defused difficult jumps

- inserted "infinite" (50) lives

Also little technical news:

- runs on Amiga 500/600 7 Mhz with Kick 2.04 and 1MB chip (but 14 Mhz are recommended)

-Fast RAM detection (from 2 MB Fast RAM onwards, the data is cached into the fast Fast RAM - disk recharging times during playing are therefore no longer necessary

- Gamepad support added eg. CD32 Gamepad (yellow shoot, blue jump)

You can find Elfie The Unicorn and the Easy Peasy Version for free @ www.amiga68k.de

If you want to know how fast Elfie runs on your system check out the speedtest videos i have made https://www.amiga68k.de/2019/01/22/e...asy-speedtest/

Sandancer 22 January 2019 23:14

Thank You :)

zzbylu 24 January 2019 14:20

Elfie – The Unicorn – Easy Peasy Edition - gameplay :-)

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