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jjsmith 16 July 2006 10:21

Where did my contributions go?
Dear Hall of Light maintainers

I submitted about some scans for HOL around October 2005 and would like to know if you have used any of them. I think i may have found some on HOL that i gave you but I am not listed on the Team page as having contributed anything. Now i know i submitted a heap of images at the time but having checked the Update page for the last 6 months i am worried that i have given you some bad images.

If the case is that the scans are unsuitable then i would ask that you could inform me of the problems with the images so i can rescan them. For i am eager to contribute to your magnificent site.:bowdown

Scans i submitted are listed here:
and here :

Thanks in advance

CodyJarrett 16 July 2006 11:36

I had started processing the scans but hadn't finished, which is why the contribution rating wasn't updated. Sorry!

I'm hoping to get them processed (along with the other contributions) soon.

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