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spiff 22 March 2003 00:40

WinUAE geforce tweak
Or “Where did the bottom of the screen go in fullscreen Pinball dreams?”

Since the pal/european amiga had a few extra resolution lines compaired to the NTSC some of the games don’t really fit in 640x480 and 800x600 really feels like overkill. I did some tweaks to fit mame games and the same thing can be applied to UAE.

Perfect pal should be something along the lines of 720x576, but most amiga games are pal/ntsc “hybrids” I feel that 640x512 is the best custom res, some demos might even use 576...
Some sort of mini res like 512x400 might be good for Shadow of the beast even.. generally try to stay in numbers that are of a 16 multiple ie 650x512 won’t work.. even if it prol would be better then 640.

How to do it
1)Grab some detonator drivers and decompress them. We need the nv4_disp.inf file.
If the drives are .exe installs you can start the install and search for the file, as the install decompresses them in a temp dir.
I’d recommend http://download.guru3d.com/detonator/
the 4292_w2k_xp drives. They have the bugfix for pinmame, and are rar/zip .exe compressed.

2) Edit nv4_disp.inf and add the resolutions you want. Here’s a part of my file:
HKR,, NV_Modes, %REG_MULTI_SZ%, "{*}S 720x480 720x576=1;320x240 400x300 480x360 512x384 512x448 610x448 640x400 640x512 768x448 768x512 808x510 1024x576=F;

610x448 is for NeoGeo 768x448 is cp2 and so on.. 640x512 is for UAE.
Don’t word wrap the file and do not add to many custom resolutions…as some software (uae) won’t show more then the first 16 or so of them.

3)Save nv4_disp.inf , run the usual Detonator install (Uninstall, reboot, install)
Voilá new scrolling text at the bottom of pinball dreams, and borders in some demos.

I’ve used the double resolutions since most monitor/card combinations can handle them better then the real 320x288 res. It might be a good thing to try to stick to 50, 60, 100 or 120 hz in refresh rate as well.

*edit* Cleanup
It's possible the lines "{*}S 720x480 720x576=1; Sets the tv out resolutioin. I cant test this on my card so some comments would be nice

§ane 22 March 2003 06:33

Better yet, use RivaTuner (2K/XP) or PowerStrip (All) to safely add your desired modes.

spiff 22 March 2003 09:49

yea, listen to sane and save yourself some trouble.

Riva tuner can do a lot more then just over clocking, its free and custom aspects are even there...
I can't believe I missed something so obvious -__-

Titler 26 March 2003 01:19

It's... round!
Hi; I download Powerstrip, and I have to say I was impressed... it's the first program which has been able to make my Geforce 2 Mx/Mx400 take new resolutions. However, two problems; the "Arcade" pre-set resolution hates my monitor when using Final Burn full screen... I had to take that one off; but that's not Amiga related :-). The pre-set Amiga resolution appears massively pin cushioned though! It's not a WinUAE fault, but the way the resolution is set up (It does the same when chosen as the default display settings)... How do I get rid of this?

spiff 26 March 2003 17:15

I have to set my monitor configuration after I change to a new resolution.. it defaults to "small, round and centered".
The monitor then remembers the settings based on resolution and refresh rate… it’s possible older monitors just stick to one setting though. :/

CPC464 27 March 2003 15:14

Thanks for the links guys :) some interesting progs to try

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