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turrican9 24 December 2016 03:16

Amiga 500 Rev.6A VS Amiga 500 Plus with 2MB chip and ACA 500
So I already have several Amiga 500s Rev.6A with 512 trapdoor expansion. When I connect the ACA 500 to one of these it will automatically turn the trapdoor mem into chip mem for a total of 1MB chip mem. So I don't need to do the mod. Now, I also have a fully upgraded and overclocked ACA 1221 plugged into the ACA 500. I only run low-res classic workbench with 16 colours and don't use any scandoubler for the moment. I just use BenQ BL 702A or BL 912.

So with this setup I can run 99% of OCS/ECS whdload games. Appart from just a few like Cannon Fodder which requires 1.1MB chipmem and SWOS 96/97 which requires 2MB chip. I think there is one more game that requires 2MB chip which I don't remember the name of. With Cannon Fodder I can run the CD32 version as it only requires 1MB chip (only one savegame on this one) or HD install version of Cannon Fodder. So no problem. Also can use floppy version or Gotek if I wanted to. For SWOS 96/97 I've heard that the whdload version has problems with speed of the game and saving and never got fixed anyway. SWOS 96/97 has issues with the ACA 1221 anyway. There is a HD install version of this one too as far as I understand. And I always have the floppy version which should work as it should.

So appart from these small things, what would be the benefit in using Amiga 500 Plus upgraded to 2MB chip RAM over the above mentioned setup? And btw, I already have A600 and A1200 whdload setups and the A600 has 2MB chip RAM installed. Would there be any significant benefits in trying to get the Amiga 500 Plus and also get 1MB trapdoor expansion for it for use with my ACA 500 over my Amiga 500 Rev.6A setup, considering the above mentioned things?

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