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ballez 16 November 2013 13:56

jGameBase and GameBase Amiga 1.6

I have a big problem to launch Amiga games with jGameBase (who works very well with other GameBases).

I've downloaded last GB Amiga with last WinUAE version. I have all Kickstarters roms.

When I load a game in WinUAE it works fine.

It's in with GB launcher that it doesn't work. I click on a game, WinUAE launchs but I have the image of WorkBench 3.1 only: the game is not loaded.

Is there a problem with script ?

I don't understand the script execution under GameBase generally because with my GB Amstrad it seems there is no script to launch my Amstrad games (I didn't set up any config file or script file to launch games) but the games launch perfectly. Can someone tell me why script file exist in GB (ok i'm noob you know).

So for my GB Amiga, what I did wrong ?

Thanks a lot because I'd very like to understand but I'm completely lost ! :crazy

PS: sorry for my english I'm French and i don't find any help in my language (more complicated to understand !)

ballez 20 November 2013 23:11

Nothing for me? :(

emufan 11 December 2013 21:21

can anyone help here? *bump* :D

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