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sortilege12 22 June 2012 10:38

Issues starting up Gamebase Amiga 1.6

I'm about ready to pull out whatever hair I have left. I followed all instructions and installed Gamebase 1.3, Winuae 2.4.1, and Gamebase Amiga 1.6...when I go to run Gamebase it prompts me that it needs to update the databse to version 2.8 and when you go ahead it pops up an error message: Error updating database. Database may be corrupt. [Cannot define field more than once. (3191,0)]

Any help would be appreciated. I am running Windows 7 btw and I installed Gamebase C64 and that worked just fine.


AAG 21 July 2012 09:00

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Gamebase 1.3 is supposed to "upgrade" a database on startup - if the database is in a old format.

The C64 db is already in 1.3 format.

GB Amiga was released prior to gamebase 1.3 - that's why its ttying to upgrade the database on startup.

I've just tried it on my XP setup and the upgrade worked ok.

A few things to try :-
* Copy the "GameBase Amiga.mdb" from the original download and over-write the version in your gamebase installation folder.
* Are you running gamebase as administrator?

Alternatively - attached is 7-ziped version which has already been upgraded to 1.3 - if you extract and copy the mdb over your install that might work.

Jayme65 30 November 2012 11:37

Thanks for the database!!

A question please:
I can see that the default screenshot for each game is actually the "Title" screen.
How should one proceed to have an "Ingame" screenshots displayed instead...and possibly in an automatic way!!

I particularly need it for the "Export to RomLister" function, where I want 'InGames' screenshots being renamed and exported!!


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