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sjakie43 13 December 2008 23:19

Gamebase Amiga
Hi All,

After my HD crash recently i have installed
Gamebase Amiga v.1.6 again.
It does not find the WHDLoad Games?
I've put them in the Extras Folder(they were there also in last install).
It did work then,why not now?


Retro-Nerd 13 December 2008 23:22

Checked the whdload games path under paths-->extras? You could try the option Tools --> Verify Available files.

sjakie43 13 December 2008 23:30

Yes i did...

Retro-Nerd 13 December 2008 23:32

You can also set the path manually to your WHDLoad games, have you tried this?

sjakie43 13 December 2008 23:34

I thought i already did? Extras\WHDLoad?

sjakie43 13 December 2008 23:37

This was without manual path

Retro-Nerd 13 December 2008 23:40

The correct path should be:


Gamebase Amiga\Extras\WHDLoad

sjakie43 13 December 2008 23:43

Yes, i have the Extras folder on another partition on my HD,

GamebaseAmiga etc\Extras\WHDLoad

I have tried the Extras and Extras\WHDLoad (set path)seperate and together,makes
almost no difference

Retro-Nerd 13 December 2008 23:47

My manual path looks like this. WHDLoad Gamebase has the subfolder "WHDLoad".


sjakie43 13 December 2008 23:51

this is mine...Subfolder is called WHDLoad

sjakie43 13 December 2008 23:52


Retro-Nerd 14 December 2008 00:01

Have you tried to move "WHDLoad" to another custom made folder? Add this custom folder manually and rescan again.

sjakie43 14 December 2008 00:03

i did, no difference :(

Retro-Nerd 14 December 2008 00:04

Strange, as you can see i have the WHDLoad games on my H: partition and it works. :confused

sjakie43 14 December 2008 00:08

i'm getting a bit sick of it...:scream

sjakie43 14 December 2008 00:17

I'm off for today,thanx for your time Retro-Nerd :great

AAG 14 December 2008 14:19

I think the whdload extras in the actual database are listed with the "whdload\" folder prefix - as seen by your "verify missing fikes screenshot".

Your wanting to whdoad to be on another drive, but the format needs to be:-

The important bit is to set the extra "extras path" UPTO the SomeFolderZ - ie upto to, but not including WHDLOAD.

If you check that, then run a verify all fies again, that should work.

Good luck.

sjakie43 14 December 2008 23:12

no difference

sjakie43 14 December 2008 23:53

I've decided to look manually at the Extras link with a Game entry.

beats me...files are at the correct place...

sjakie43 14 December 2008 23:57

When i manually attach for example>>1000 Miglia then this happens..

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