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SabreGolly 31 December 2003 04:35

Looking for good 8svx sounds for game
Does any one have any idea where to get good sound samples in the 8svx format for amiga coding?

I've found tons of sample on aminet, but it is a nightmare trying to seperate the useful from the crap.

I'm looking for general beeps, bangs and whistles, and any sounds for weapon's firing for a game I have been working on (see http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12222)

I'm sure there must be a good archive somewhere, but its such a pain to download huge files, transfer them to the miggy, then trawl through them to find they are all rubbish.

A sample of a computerised female voice saying 'warning' would be very cool while I'm asking!

Also- can anyone recommend a good utility for messing with samples - slowing down, adding effects such as echo etc, on the amiga. I had one ages ago but it got lost in the great HD disaster of 1999.

Akira 31 December 2003 11:04

You can use Soundforge on the PC and save as Amiga IFFs. Also CoolEdit exposrts as IFF if Im not mistaken.

all teh editing you can do it in there, unless you want to do it all in the amiga oldschool style ;)

SabreGolly 31 December 2003 14:24

@akira -

unless you want to do it all in the amiga oldschool style ;)
but of course!


had a look, lots of music samples here - but I'm looking more for sound effects just now - thanks anyway. ;)

Akira 31 December 2003 21:22

Ahh, good boy ;)

Personally, the only thing I used in the miggy was GVP's DSS8 sampler software. I edited my waves from there.

Also, look on the Apps request board, thinlega requested a wave editor proggy, and suggestions like audiomaster popped up. I htink those were good programs.

I still thgink you should of sample on the PC and convert to IFF, then edit it in the Amiga. Unless you do have a sampler ! :)

And another one, if you need blipblops, take Octamed Studio and synthesize some instruments. Or use MusicLine Editor and synthesize some noises.

SabreGolly 01 January 2004 19:26

Audiomaster!!! *That* was the app I'd lost - could I remember its bloody name?!! - now all I need to do is find it - its google time!

Going through aminet - I found a little app that converts 'say' speech - that little cli speech synthesiser that came with WB 1.# and 2.# - into iff. Gonna give that a try, once I find my old WB 1.2 discs, for the speech bit. Easier than finding a voice actor!

I'll have a look for some PC stuff to convert - but I don't know much about sound on the PC - my knowledge of these machines is on a need to know basis - and so far I haven't needed to know.

Thanks again for the info.

Akira 02 January 2004 03:03

I dont know how that SAY to IFF thing works, but if you can use t with Speechtoy2, you are in for a treat. Do a search for Aminet for this, great Speech app. Lets you push the speech synthesizer to the limit.

SabreGolly 04 January 2004 01:44

From what I can gather from the guide- it doesn't work with 'speechtoy'. Oh well.

Just been looking to see if there was an app that could 'grab' sounds - similar to a screen grabber - but no luck.

To all...

does anyone have handy the following files from WB2.0 that they could perhaps stick in the zone for me? I've tried to find WB2 disks on the net for the latest (last) versions of these but obviously the thought police have got to them...

say (command)

Thanks in advance

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