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Big-Byte 12 November 2001 16:52

Question about Goodxxx utils..
I have messages in my have.txt which says..

You have 100 of 115 Known roms (15 excluded)

and in miss.txt

it says..

You are missing 0 of 115 known roms...

Now, why are the 15 roms excluded and is there an option to include them.. are the other 15 roms known about and just not dumped yet?

Akira 12 November 2001 17:49

Perhaps they are dupes?

TikTok 12 November 2001 20:13

They could be bad dumps - by default I think the Good tools (at least, the newer ones) exclude these from the lists they create.

morph72 12 November 2001 23:03

Have a look at your goodinfo.cfg, which contains info about the different flags and the corresponding subdirs. If you have a ";n" at the end of a line, the goodtool won't list files containing that flag in the missing.txt file.

TikTok is right, by default bad dumps are excluded - they won't show up in the missing list, even if you don't have them.

If you don't want files to be excluded from your missing list, just delete the ";n" entry, or - a more radical solution - delete the goodinfo.cfg file ;).

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