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hippycinq 12 December 2008 17:53

How do i save to floppy?
hello, i have just been bought a secondhand amiga 600(had one when i was a kid) and have been playing sensible world of soccer but i can't remember how to save games to disc i have some dd floppies (not sure if there the right type?) but i seem to remember having to format them somehow, how do i do this? is there some software i need like workbench or something i can't remember?:confused

any help would be great thanks :great

Hungry Horace 13 December 2008 18:50

i'd be surprised if SWOS doesnt have a 'format' option in the disk-menu somewhere.

otherwise its just a case of booting workbench and formatting the disk there. I know SWOS does use dos-formatted disks afterall.

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