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Peanutuk 05 August 2001 20:24

Has anyone made use of this WInUAE hybrid that allows you to play games online? And if it works would it be a good idea to set up some kind of time for whne one can likely get a game?

What are your thoughts?

Drake1009 05 August 2001 20:52

I have a version of WinUAE kaillera but have never found anyone to play with. Unfortunately I'm afraid it won't work too well anyway since Amiga emulation doesn't runn all too well on all machines. This means that you might get some serious desyncing if one computer is lagging just a bit. Then there's the fact that everything must be identical. Same rom, same config, same ADF file. This is of course to increase compatibility but I'm afraid it'll be much too hard to find people with the exact same setups.

And there's still the problem of compatibility. I haven't seen a newer version of it in a while, and the one I have I'm afraid won't log on to any server any longer because it's outdated.

Peanutuk 05 August 2001 23:13

that's a shame.......
/...........but really that was what I was expecting. Whilst we are on the subjetc is there a C64 equivilant? I know there is one for the speccy but I've nothing of a c64 one.

It a shame about the AMiga one I was looking forward to playing people. ;-(

Drake1009 06 August 2001 00:42

You could always try installing it and see if you can connect to any of the servers. If it's possible with the version of the Kaillera client implemented then I might at some point want to play against you to see how it works. You never know if they've considered this problem and have come up with a crafty way to fix it.

Actually I think I once saw a server for Amiga emulation in the list of servers. You could pop in there and see if anyone's up for a game (That is if my memory serves me right and there is such a server)

Peanutuk 06 August 2001 01:05

there is........
...........a specific group set aside for this emulator but no on eever there. Judging by the lack of response to this post not many people are interested. What would you be interested in playing Drake?

Drake1009 06 August 2001 01:25

I always liked the chaos engine. Good teamwork and not too demanding. For some reason WinUAE just doesn't want to run properly on my system when I enable sound:(

Peanutuk 06 August 2001 01:41

...private message me and perhaps we can sort something out.

Amigaboy 06 August 2001 03:55

I've used it. The idea was brilliant, but the execution was a little disappointing

The reason is you need an incredibly fast link to the internet to use it properly (both users). I have a cable connection and Sane (the author of the program) had a cable connection too and I was getting more lag than was needed (he was playing fine since he was the server)

When I use this over a LAN, it plays perfectly. That's when you start to get impressed since it's almost guaranteed to have no lag.

Hope that helps

btw - In order to use it, the two of you must have the *SAME ADF* of whichever game as well as the same config in WinUAE (except for Joystick emulation - read the docs on how to set that up)

Drake1009 06 August 2001 11:19

Over a LAN? I thought that Kaillera was internet only since it connected to an internet server when getting the listing.

And I do know you need a lot of bandwidth to play. I've tried Kaillera on MAME. I think the game which got most out of sync was Bubble bobble for some obscure reason

Amigaboy 06 August 2001 12:20

Kaillera isn't internet only

http://www.kaillera.com/download.php for the server file

Excelle 23 August 2002 00:11

There's a spectrum equivalent of WinUAE Kaillera?!?! Where - must play Chaos over the net :D

P-J 23 August 2002 02:36

Yeah, I think it's IP based, so you can set up the (generic) Kailleira server somewhere on the LAN and then connect to it by IP.

Torak 25 August 2002 09:34

Just to let you guys know first (ok second :) hand.
I betatested the new version yesterday with Sane, and I am still stunned. When the new version comes out you wont recognize it back. We had 200 ms pings and still could play a very decent game of Lemmings. Which I won, ofcourse ;p
The mouse was absolutely predicteable with a very small delay, no desyncs anymore (we played over like 1 hour at least), and a framerate of 50 all the way.
When Sane decides it's ready for release he will make it very public. But know this: Winuae-Kaillera V2 will *change the way you do amiga emulation gaming* ! (imho)

Drake1009 25 August 2002 09:42

O_O Groovey. Should we start setting up tournaments?

Peanutuk 25 August 2002 12:46

Yippe! Can't wait, now that I have Broadband I shoudl be able to use it.

By the way, can someone please eleviate my ignorance and tell m,e what the diiference between T1, T4, Cable , DSL internet connections are ? It is very confusing.


Jim 25 August 2002 12:58


Originally posted by Peanutuk
Yippe! Can't wait, now that I have Broadband I shoudl be able to use it.

By the way, can someone please eleviate my ignorance and tell m,e what the diiference between T1, T4, Cable , DSL internet connections are ? It is very confusing.


Cable = Broadband over cable lines, set up by Cable TV Company. Not quite as good as DSL as it can get very slow if many people in your neighbourhood have DSL as you all share the same cable.

DSL/ADSL = Broadband over telephone lines. With equivalent speeds this should be slightly better than cable.

A good site for UK Broadband is http://www.adslguide.org.uk

T1 - 1.5mbps (3 times faster than typical BT Openworld 512 connection). Also uploads will be at full speed rather than half speed. Speed would be about 150k/sec.

T4 - 45mbps - About 1 1/2 MEG a second ! I cannot even imagine how fast this is. If I was given a lifetime T4 connection I'd probably have sex with a man to get it !! :laughing

Torak 25 August 2002 13:33

Actually, you should be able to use it over a modem too. The bandwidth requirements arent great (3 bytes/frame, say 150-200 bytes a second). It is the latency (the pingtime to the server) that was critical, but will be a lot less critical in the new version. All imho.

Peanutuk 25 August 2002 13:49


i Have onea speed comparison andI am just short of 450kbps. The rating is just shy of being equal to a DSL 0.5Mbps.

Is this good for abroadband connection.
How ignorant am I?

Jim 25 August 2002 16:06

The maxium you can have is probably 512, so 450 is quite good.

Peanutuk 25 August 2002 17:01

Well that is good to know. I'm I right in assuming that this will be goodo enough to use with Kaillera properly? [Obviously the oteh ruser will need a comparible connection]

It shoudl be fun playing a Sensi Leauge ..then again I haven't played Kick Off 2 for years.

One problem though; what about using 'proper' joysticks? I am only really any good at SWOS with a trusty ZipStick in my hands.

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