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Gilloo 07 February 2016 14:57

WinUAE and Chamaeleon
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Attachment 47350
Don't forget to unselect the FlickFix option, instead to get garbage on the screen.
TOS1.4 on a 2MB custom adf.
Another emulator inside the emulator :great( Thanks Toni ! )

Retro1234 07 February 2016 15:19

How do you get the Chamaeleon prefs up?
What adf are you using? I have Chamaeleon v1.0 1.8 2.0 but not 1.10

AnnaWu 07 February 2016 15:26

I am surprised too. :)
Is it possible to upload your ADF images (Chamaeleon/TOS)?

Locutus 07 February 2016 16:10

Is this a software only 'emulator' ? or does it depend on some ROM dongle?

Retro1234 07 February 2016 16:23

Probably a Rom dongle but software versions exist working well on 68000

Gilloo 07 February 2016 18:07

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Attachment 47354
It works without any dongle because it's a crack...
I use it 26 years ago, the university was equiped with atari st, and I with an amiga...

AnnaWu 07 February 2016 18:46

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Thanks for the upload, Gillo. :)
It seems it is chamaeleon version 1.0 and the external PREF.PRG have the version 1.10

Retro1234 07 February 2016 19:17

Thanks dude :) whats Patcher.prg?

In one of the other threads there was a kind of bundle of ST emulators that had been put together now this can be added.


Originally Posted by Patcher.doc
The following program does not run right away with Cham "leon and
ben "Therefore term a Ver" change. Please start the
Program PATCHER.PRG on this diskette and follow the

SPRINT.PRG (29265) Signum 24pin driver

SPRINT.PRG (28921) Signum 9-pin driver

SCRIPT.PRG (237,754) Script

STAD.PRG (160,856) STAD




TC.PRG (218021) Turbo C V2.01


SHELL0.PRG (1293) Shelll0

GEMINI.PRG (181953) GeminiIf you have problems with a non-heated here "agreements referred program
have, so please send us your original UTILITIES diskette and
a floppy disk with the program. We will then be
quickly as "possible about hen bem ??, also this program to the
adapt emulator.

Your Maxon team

Gilloo 07 February 2016 21:07

I miss to warn you that this chamaeleon version has a terrible bug...
when you remove a disk, the following inserted disk comes blank.
so put the write protection on your disks.
If you have a version usable with a hard disk, it will be welcome ;)

Retro1234 07 February 2016 21:16

Try this pack http://grandis.nu:81/eabsearch/searc...xclude=&limit=
I think Chamaeleon II might have HD never got HD working
also check out EmuTOS http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=64812

also AMTARI-3.1.rar http://grandis.nu:81/eabsearch/searc...xclude=&limit= originally uploaded by Gibs

where did you get these adfs?

AnnaWu 08 February 2016 01:18

Another ST emulators tested on WinUAE

Retro1234 08 February 2016 10:39


Originally Posted by AnnaWu (Post 1068952)
Another ST emulators tested on WinUAE

any chance you could upload STonX I know I tried Hatari once and it was very demanding needing a graphics card but maybe for people with Vampire cards might even be useable.

AnnaWu 08 February 2016 17:08

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STonX v0.6 uploaded > The Zone!
I use the 68k version on WinUAE.

Retro1234 08 February 2016 20:06


Originally Posted by AnnaWu (Post 1069068)
STonX v0.6 uploaded > The Zone!
I use the 68k version on WinUAE.

Thank you :)

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