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Jeeva 04 April 2008 10:02

Hi everyone.
I'm new here,i'm a huge fan of Amiga.I have some questions for you guys,hope you can help me.

1) Is there a possibility to emulate AmigaCD32 and AmigaCDTV with WinUAE?
2) Where can i find AmigaCD32 and AmigaCDTV SNAPSHOTS?
3) Which is the difference between Amiga HD and WHDload?
4) What do i have to do if i want to play a game with WHDlaod?
5) I've read (Don't remember where) that there is an Amiga "CD" collection composed of over 50 dvds(!!!).Is it true?

Thank you in advance.I apologize for the poor quality of my english.

smoorke 04 April 2008 10:51

1) Check http://www.winuae.net for latest version wich has near perfect cd32/cdtv emulation.
2) i'm not sure what you mean with snapshots. If you are talking about cd images (.iso and the likes) they are somewhere on the net but don't ask me where.
3) The diffrence is so huge that i'm not going to venture into trying to explain it. Partially because i have little to no experience with Whdload.
4) You might want to take a look at the whdload website for that. Http://www.whdload.de
5) No idea on that, might be possible. Good luck on finding out and obtaining it. And keep us posted on your progress.

Graham Humphrey 04 April 2008 10:54

You could also check out the FAQ which could answer some of your questions.

Jeeva 04 April 2008 11:54

Thank you for your answer,i'll check all the links and the FAQ section.

About AmigaCD32 and CDTV,i mean games snapshots/screenshots and not ISO or something like that.I'd like to see some images/pics because i've never seen an amigacd32/cdtv game (I had an Amiga 500).

smoorke 04 April 2008 12:30

For game screenshots you can take a look at Hall Of Light

Jeeva 04 April 2008 23:45

Thank you!

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