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gifgit 26 September 2007 00:13

Help And Citicism Needed
Been away for a while and decided to get back to my 2D spriting (didn`t post in Sprite thread as these are custom / edited GBA gfx not miggy). Just need some advice or criticism before I continue. I posted some of these a while ago but my HD crashed and the CD got scratched so all was lost. Anyway, these are generation 2 of my Resident Evil 4 sprites edited from GBA Pokemon. So far I got Leon with and without jacket, Ada Ashley and Aaddler. I`m working on Krauser atm but it's hard to do camouflage trousers within the confines of a few pixels. :confused

Please be honest and critical cos I want to program a simple seu for GBA or possibly miggy (if i can get my mate to sort the code)

Zetr0 26 September 2007 01:31


Long time no read my friend,

and i would say Drunk or not drunk.... Caps or no caps....

thats some damn fine graphics :)

well done indeed!

gifgit 26 September 2007 22:53

Soz bout caps (just got a new keyboard and it`s fuckin`evil , it`s got laptop low level keys so I keep tappin` the bloody caps lock.) Thx for the comment though:great

Zetr0 27 September 2007 02:12

most more than welcome m8, i honnestly mean it, thats some fine work indeed... so much so it *inspired* to go on a hunt for some old stuff i had done a long time ago and so I posted it here


gifgit 27 September 2007 17:37

Nice :great
I could never get the hang of isometric 3d spriting , I`m a stricly 2 dimentional guy.

killergorilla 28 September 2007 02:51

I can't really offer any help and I don't have any criticisms really, but they do look pretty cool :)

Once I'd zoomed in to see them ;)

gifgit 29 September 2007 20:53

Got a bit more done today

DamienD 01 October 2007 21:02

Wow, they look very cool gifgit :great

Good luck with your project ;)

Dizzy 02 October 2007 17:18

Why not move this to one of the more steady parts of the board, so we can be updated on the progress. You do talk about a possible miggy version :laughing


BippyM 04 October 2007 13:17

moved to sprites section, even tho they are not amiga sprites it'll do :)

gifgit 04 October 2007 20:04

Thanx bippym :great
slowly sorting it all out.

killergorilla 04 October 2007 20:49

Good to see this pulled out of the OT session :)

Keep up the good work mate!

They're looking pretty darn cool.

Zetr0 04 October 2007 21:14


its looking great m8, i look forward to seeing the game completed!

killergorilla 04 October 2007 23:03

Can someone edit the first post and remove the caps?

Would like nicer :)

Graham Humphrey 04 October 2007 23:06


Originally Posted by killergorilla (Post 362561)
Would like nicer :)

Or "look", perhaps :p

killergorilla 04 October 2007 23:51

Yeah... you our right!

DamienD 05 October 2007 21:53


Originally Posted by killergorilla (Post 362561)
Can someone edit the first post and remove the caps?
Would like nicer ;)

Done :great

...and fixed some formatting / spacing etc ;)

Dizzy 05 October 2007 23:24

Thx I did edit my post too ;)

DamienD 05 October 2007 23:47


Originally Posted by Dizzy (Post 362836)
Thx I did edit my post too ;)


gifgit 06 October 2007 20:23

I just realised that my Hunk sprite looks like an S&M perv in a gimp mask. Cool, all I gotta do now is draw Ada with a whip (This could take the project in a whole new direction,albeit in a downward spiral of rudeness and smut,but I`ll just go with the flow):great

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