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BURNaba 30 March 2011 22:48

Hello to all Amiga fans!
Hi there,
as all of you, I'm the Amiga fan from years. I'd love to play on Amiga games, collecting Amiga stuff. I have plenty of games in my collection which I know is non the biggest but I'm proud of this collection and with happy collect more.
I'm happy to join to best Amiga site in wHOLe over the world :D Greetings from Poland! Cheers!

TCD 30 March 2011 22:51

\o/ Finally :D Welcome to EAB BURNaba :great
As some of you might have noticed, BURNaba currently took over the 'lead' on HOL :bowdown A lot of high quality scans are on HOL thanks to him now :)
Great to see you here and I hope you enjoy your stay :agree

Kitty 30 March 2011 23:12

Hi BURNaba, welcome to EAB \o/, glad to have you aboard :D

Eclipse 30 March 2011 23:12

Greets Burnaba.

pubzombie 30 March 2011 23:14

Hello and welcome :)

BURNaba 30 March 2011 23:19

yes, it's little a shame that until now I didn't had time to say hello to all of you, I'm sure that I meet here a lot of great people which love Amiga computers. Thanks everyone for warm welcome ;)

Graham Humphrey 31 March 2011 00:18

Welcome aboard :)

Muzkat 31 March 2011 11:58

Hey dude.

DH 31 March 2011 12:07

Welcome to EAB BURNaba, it's about time mate ;)

It's a great pleasure to have you aboard our humble home and I'm sure you'll enjoy every minute of your time here.

You have also supplied us with some really great contributions that you have done for HOL. You are certainly becoming the person to beat in the HOL statistics. great work and keep 'em coming :great :)

Djay 31 March 2011 12:45

Welcome... Thanks for your contributions to HOL... Share any hardware (or software) photos of your collections???

BURNaba 31 March 2011 21:27

yes, all scans which I uploaded to HOL it was from my private collection. Its very pleasure and great fun do to all this scans. I'm very glad they are useful ;) Cheers! ;)

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