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badflame 08 December 2019 12:46

Install Syndicate on hard disk, keeping trainer

I use WinUAE and I want play from "DH0:" this version of "Syndicate (1993)(Electronic Arts)(M3)[h FLT][t +10 ATX](Disk 1 of 4)".

If I use the installer, the trainer stop working.

If I copy the content of the 4 disks in one bootable hard disk, the executable of the game freezes.

The "startup-sequence" of the "Disk 1" is:



"ATX" is the trainer and executes well. "breloc" is the executable of the game, and and freezes when running from "DH0".

I've only been able to try the most obvious, changing "df0" to "dh0", but same result.


Galahad/FLT 08 December 2019 13:49

The file "BRELOC" is specifically for loading from floppy and won't help for loading from hard drive.

When you use the installer, it generates a separate executable called "SYNDICATE" which uses AmigaDOS for loading and not the RNC hardware file loader that BRELOC uses.

I'm guessing Anthrox only did a trainer for the floppy loader version and didn't touch the hard drive installed version.

Back in 1993, hard drives were only just starting to take off with the advent of the A1200 and the ability to use cheaper 2.5 hard drives.

Minuous 08 December 2019 14:03

You can edit your saved games with MCE, this should make it easy enough to complete any level.

badflame 08 December 2019 14:26

Thanks Galahad/FLT and Minuous for reply :great

Then hope some expert can add trainer options to the WHD version.

Nobby_UK 08 December 2019 17:03

What does the trainer do that
does not ?

badflame 08 December 2019 19:23

Oops, I just saw this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NuXvtvLIVg

There is the Anthrox trainer for "Syndicate" for HD version :shocked

DamienD 08 December 2019 19:33

Here you go: >> click << ;)

badflame 08 December 2019 19:59


Originally Posted by DamienD (Post 1364111)
Here you go: >> click << ;)

Yeah, mate. I had located it, but I can't get it to work.

Neither from WB or bootable HD. I execute before "go" (from WB) or with this startup-sequence in bootable HD:


syn / q

I suppose that like the floppy version trainer, it waits for an alternate executable (as the "breloc" in the floppy disk).


DamienD 08 December 2019 20:01

When I get some time later, I'll take a look ;)

...bit busy right now.

badflame 08 December 2019 20:05


Originally Posted by DamienD (Post 1364119)
When I get some time later, I'll take a look ;)

...bit busy right now.

Thanks :great

malko 08 December 2019 22:39

Tested with the IPF [0739]. I can confirm that the HD trainer is not working.
Neither the unlimited (all) nor the InGame keys. You get shooted & killed by the first guard.
Maybe another set of disks is required ?

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