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cugar124 11 March 2016 10:53

strange problem with CWB 3.9
Hi guys right I have the strangest of problems:

I install CWB 3.9 on my A1200 no problem works perfect!

Put it on my A3000 or A4000 and it just guru's on boot.

Specs are

20mb ram
8 up memory
4gig cf card IDE on budda
Bluster 9

GVP Trex 8mb ram
10mb ram on mother board
256mb on bigram plus
tandem IDE
IDE CF card via onboard IDE
blust 11

fgh 11 March 2016 12:41

Is this a Boing Bag 2 install, and it works until setpatch reboots the system, then hangs?
(To check: After COLD boot, early startup menu is available, and booting without startup-sequence works)

In this case I suspect those two CF cards are LBA48 capable and trigger a bug in scsi.device 43.43 from BB2. Fix is to use v43.45 or similar. (See CF/SD & large drive FAQ)

Edit: Or are you perhaps loading some a1200 scsi.device?

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