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keropi 07 February 2005 13:08

To the one who uploaded Ultimate Super Skidmarks on Cody's ftp...
To the kind sould that uploaded the above, in .7z format, please check it... 7-Zip complains that it is not a supported archive... thus not extracting... size is 8.02MB...

Ironclaw 07 February 2005 13:10

You don't have the latest version of 7z, it's that simple. I think the latest version of WinRAR has it.

keropi 07 February 2005 13:12

nope, I tried it with the LATEST 7-zip version, 4.15 ...
also latest winrar version 3.42 says the archive is unkown/damaged

MethodGit 07 February 2005 13:30

Oooops, I hadn't finished uploading it, silly! Had to switch off for the night.

Shall get back to completing it swiftly......

keropi 07 February 2005 13:43

oooooohhh!!!!!!!!!! very nice Methodgit!!!
btw, how big is it???? :D

MethodGit 07 February 2005 14:44

40.5Mb. That okay for you? :)

Akira 07 February 2005 15:50

Hmm I am interested in this jobbie. Will have to get it after it's done ;p

keropi 07 February 2005 15:51

it is done Akira! grab it!

Akira 07 February 2005 15:56

Let's try the speed ;D

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