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TheFoxSoft 03 January 2005 18:53

How to use an amiga mouse under Windows?
I have an amiga trackball and i would like to reuse it on my PC with Windows ME.
Some good old MAME classics like Tehkan Soccer or Marble Madness require a trackball.
I have either a 4 player parallel adapter but it seems working fine with Joysticks but it doesn't capure mouse/trackball movements.
Have you got a solution?

thanks in advance :p

thomas 03 January 2005 19:17

You can't. All the electronics needed to track mouse movements is on the amiga motherboard but not on the PC motherboard. PC mouses have this electronics inside the mouse and send serial or PS/2 data to the PC.

However, you should be able to take the electronics from a PC mouse and use it to convert Amiga mouse impulses into PC serial data. But don't ask me, how to do it, I am no electronics specialist.

Perhaps you can take the instructions to turn a PC mouse into an Amiga mouse from Aminet and reverse it :-)

TheFoxSoft 03 January 2005 19:30

Thanks for the reply. I wonder is it possible via PPJoy?

TheFoxSoft 03 January 2005 23:27

I don't know why but with PPJoy my amiga mouse won't work.
I thought that a mouse or a joystick is almost identical, at least the signals emitted.

oldpx 03 January 2005 23:59

No luck with ppjoy here either. Luck is not the right word perhaps since Thomas explained it better.

TheFoxSoft 04 January 2005 03:13

this is really strange....
when i load the workbench without a mouse i can swirl the joystick to move the arrow pointer.
So joystick and mouse have the same "signal"!
I really don't undertsand why PPJoy can't catch mouse inputs :crying

Akira 04 January 2005 06:13

PPjoy is prepared to decode the signals coming from a DIGITAL joystick, not from an ANALOG mouse. That's why it wouldn't work I guess.

lpopman 05 January 2005 01:49

Amiga mice work by sending motion signals as 'ticks' to the joystick port. These in turn are converted by the amiga hardware into motion deltas (differences in distance travelled by the mouse), which is why you can waggle the joystick and get movement of the pointer. To get it to work with PPJOY you would need a very specific driver.

@Akira: The mice are digital not analog anyway :p

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