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TEOL 11 August 2015 18:53

2697 Wordwide Magazine Scans
Looks too good to be true but if this is true and it's really that amount of magazine scans we may have a huge update of scans to add and new magazine discoveries to add too to the AMIGA Magazine Rack.


beezle 20 August 2015 09:28

Quite an old site that people are aware of already.
I'm not sure how amr decides its content, but there's oodles of known scans that they don't use.

Archive.org is a great site though. Its not just magazine scans, they also have isos of magazine cover discs, Fred fish collections, and other assorted PD isos, and, and, and...... :)

Took me months to leech all the stuff I was interested in, and the content keeps growing.

TEOL 23 September 2015 15:37

I know people are very aware of it. But they are not that aware of the few mags that doesn't exist on AMR currently as entries and some of the mags themselves they dopn't have scans yet but these guys do and vice versa as well as AMR has some mags like missing Power's that they don't have neither.

There are some CD32 ones, some more German and Aussie ones, Italian ones and a few more US ones AMR hasn't got listed so it was well worth the mention anyway if they were to use any or not.

Codetapper 23 September 2015 22:01

TEOL: Are you interested in joining the AMR team and doing some of the indexing/page extracting and uploading?

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