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ElectroBlaster 27 January 2003 03:25

Pcmcia network card info needed!

I have an 1200 hooked up via ethernet using a Kingston KNE-PC2 10mbps card... it works great! so great in fact i want to hook my other 1200 up to the network :D

I have been offered an unknown card and its info is a bit sparse! all i can make out is it could possibly be a Startech.com card or maybe an Accton? here is whats written on it:


it also has a dongle with BNC and rj45 plugs on it!
I havent got the card here to try it... the seller wants £8 but he aint got a clue what an amiga is lol! im trying to get a scanned picture of it aswell.... anyone have a clue if this card works with Cnet?

DrBong 27 January 2003 10:43

Check out the docs of the PCMCIA network card program on Aminet:


If there's no info. there then hopefully someone else here can advise you.

Otherwise, you could do a search of comp.sys.amiga.hardware for threads talking about PCMCIA network card compatibility on the A600/1200.

front243 02 February 2003 12:08

Here is what I found:

StarTech.com UE2212_2

And no, cnet.device compatibility list says:

The following cards do NOT work:


- Accton EN2212

Unknown_K 20 February 2003 17:48

Does anybody have a step by step way of installing a pcmcia network card that is on the list of supported hardware?

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