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Badders 03 December 2011 01:39

DOS-Error #205
Hi All,

I have an A1200 running ClassicWB Full and a registered copy of WHDLoad (version 17.0).

In my Devs:Kickstarts folder are the following files:


The rom files were taken and renamed from my Amiga Forever 2011. They were renamed as per the instructions in the WHDLoad readme files and site.

When running the WHDLoad version of Skidmarks AGA I get the following:

DOS-Error #205
(object not found)
on reading "devs:kickstarts/kick34005.a500"

This ROM is there as is the RTB. I've copied it over again and still get the same problem.

Simon the SourcererAGA can't find 40068.a1200
Pinball FantasiesAGA can't find 40068.a1200, 40063.a600
Pinball Illusions can't find 40068.a1200

Does anyone have a clue why it can't find the files that I can see are in the correct place?

I have a Viper 68030 with 68882 FPU and 8MB fast RAM installed. (This has killed my PCMCIA slot, grrrr).



Badders 03 December 2011 01:45

Never mind... numb nuts here has removed the .rom extension from the file name and they are working lol.


einarinari 20 December 2011 15:35

I have installed WorkBech 3.1 and WHDLoad 17.0 not yet registered, payed though ;)

In my Devs:Kickstarts folder are the following files:


When running the WHDLoad version of defender of the crown or pirates,
I get the following:

error during 'resload_loadKick'
invalid kickstart image 'devs:kickstarts/kick34005.a500'

if I run game without install to HD just with my 1.3 rom, game works perfectly. I just copied that 1.3.rom from folder to devs:kickstarts and renamed to kick34005.A500, does this have to do somehow different?

Thanks, Antti

Leffmann 28 December 2011 00:14

You've done it right, but you must have gotten the wrong Kickstart image, probably the 34.5 for A3000.

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